9 Android apps with viruses and malware you should never downloaded

9 apps are under accusation for the control of electronic devices such as TV and Air Conditioners, which install malware without users’ knowledge.

Android and viruses: a binomial unfortunately often associated with smartphones of the green robot, which now must deal with 9 new apps guilty of installing, without the knowledge of users, malware that may endanger security and settings.

Choosing an Android smartphone has its indisputable advantages: the operating system developed by Google offers many customization options, greater freedom of action within the configuration of your device and an infinitely greater application park guaranteed by the Play Store.

The latter factor, however, exposes users to a significant level of risk: downloading unsafe applications of unknown origin, it is often easy to infect your smartphone and tablet with viruses and malware that (like a real Trojan horse) infect and compromise an account and a device at times that are unavoidable.

Android Virus: nine dangerous apps

It is easy, especially for less experienced users, to find themselves with some installed apps that can be extremely dangerous.

The last case sees the protagonists 9 unsafe applications, with extremely high download numbers, have immediately put Google and analysts in alarm. All thanks to the prompt notification of Lukas Stefanko (ESET Security) who identified the unpleasant maneuver implemented by the above app once installed: these apps work as basic as a mirror for the larks, are downloaded by users looking for a specific function (and popular) but once started can hide from the owner of the Android device, applying ads and unwanted content that can bill large amounts without the explicit consent of users.

The 9 apps under accusation have the task of remotely controlling different electronic devices, turning your smartphone into a remote control to be used for TV or air conditioning. The list includes:

  • Remote Control;
  • TV remote controller;
  • TV remote controlling;
  • Remote for Air Conditioner;
  • Remote for television for free;
  • Air conditioner remote control;
  • Universal TV remote controller;
  • Remote control for the car;
  • Remote control for TV and Home Electronics.

These are extremely dangerous software, whose total downloads exceeded 8 million.

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