How to split gif to png frames

GIFs are made up of a series of images which, in sequence, form the latter. If you’ve ever wondered if you can extract an image from a GIF, the answer is: yes! Do you want to find out how? Then continue reading this article, we will show you how to extract images from a GIF.

Extract images from a GIF

There are many software in circulation that can help us to carry out this procedure; among these check IrfanView, a completely free and fast software.

After downloading and installing IrfanView on your PC, you will have to open the GIF from which you want to extract the image through this software. Once opened, you will need to access the Options section, then click on Extract all frames.

Once clicked, a small screen will appear in which you will have to select where you want to save the frames. In addition to this, this window also shows how many frames are contained within the GIF and allows you to select whether to extract them all or just a part.

Once the destination of the frames has been decided, all that remains is to click on the “Start” button; in a few seconds the latter will be extracted and will be available to you in the previously selected destination folder.

Note: If the GIF is very long and HD, the time taken for extraction will be slightly higher.

The images extracted from the GIF will have the same name as the latter and will be numbered. Once this procedure has been completed, there will be nothing left to do but to find the image of your interest in the folder and the game is done.

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