Kingdom Hearts 3: all the worlds available in the game

What are the worlds available in Kingdom Hearts 3? From Frozen to Pirates of the Caribbean, here is the list of all the Disney classics featured in the game for PS4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming: the release of the awaited sequel produced by Disney and Square Enix is scheduled for January 29th, and many after the many trailers are questioning which worlds will be available within the game.

The worlds in Kingdom Hearts are fundamental: in the game it is possible to visit different planets that take the name and setting from the most beloved Disney classics. In the past it was possible to visit worlds such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland and many others.

It is clear that Kingdom Hearts 3, which has been waiting for almost 15 years, can not disappoint expectations, since the worlds are a fundamental part of the gameplay. Let’s try to sort out the information that emerged, the images of the various trailers and confirmations about the game for PS4 and Xbox, by making a list of all the worlds available in the new chapter.

Kingdom Hearts 3: which worlds can be visited

In Kingdom Hearts 3 they will dress once more the clothes of Sora, accompanied by the faithful Donald Duck and Goofy in search of the end of the story and the lost friends. According to what has emerged in recent months, and the recent leaks of the copies of the game made available earlier than expected, in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be possible to visit the following worlds:

  • Monte Olimpo, the first game location and inevitably inspired by the animated feature film Hercules;
  • Arendelle, one of the most anticipated worlds that will allow us to retrace the beloved Frozen, meeting Elsa and the friendly Olaf;
  • Kingdom of Corona, a world that enjoys the setting of Rapunzel, another Disney classic much loved in recent years;
  • San Fransokyo by Big Hero Six, once again a setting taken from the latest hits of Mickey Mouse’s house;
  • The Toy Box will instead allow you to explore the first animated feature film Pixar Animation Studios;
  • Mostropoli; following the line of the previous world bringing Sully and Mike to Kingdom Hearts (the worlds inspired by the classic Pixar are now present for the first time in the series);
  • The Wood of the 100 Acres, the return of Winne The Pooh and Christopher Robin, probably unlockable as a bonus exactly as happened in previous episodes.

This is the list of worlds that will be immediately explored at the beginning of the game, and represent the definitive list of all the Disney-themed environments, to which will be added:

  • Crepuscopolis, a town protagonist of the prologue of Kingdom Hearts 2;
  • Keyblade Cemetery, set in the center of Kingdom Hearts 3 By Sleep events;
  • Scala to Caelum, final world and probable point of arrival of the game.

All the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be presented in a new light, with different locations and arenas never seen before and a mode of exploration that will surely exploit the ability of the new generation consoles: the open world and the fights will be at the center of the new land game, something that will make this adventure unforgettable, unforgettable.

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