PlayStation 5: Will be more user friendly , survey by Sony

PS5 will be user-friendly? The new survey by Sony questions the players of PlayStation 4 on the future of the console.

PlayStation 5 is certainly one of the most anticipated devices in the coming years: the new next gen console from Sony will have to confirm the expectations, a pressure not just considered the success of the current PS4. Now users are called into question, through an official survey aimed at enthusiast gamers from the well-known Japanese company.

PS5 does not have a certain release date yet, but rumors about the new incarnation of a historic brand like the PlayStation are becoming more and more insistent: on the one hand Sony has not confirmed any official release, but the timing for the processing -and the launch- of a new model are in line with what was done in the past.

After a mysterious clue in the theme of Christmas 2018, which literally kicked off the fans, we return to talk about the new PlayStation through a mysterious questionnaire written by Sony and sent to selected users.

PS5: a questionnaire to choose the future PlayStation

The arrival of the mysterious survey, which we remember is not aimed at all users, is quite curious. If Sony does not confirm the many rumors about the new features of PlayStation 5, we think an official questionnaire to let it mean that the Japanese house is currently oriented towards the future.

In fact, in Sony’s survey, there is no reference to PlayStation 5: the questionnaire aims to: “help us to plan the future of PlayStation to improve the experience of all our players”.

A clue that opens the door to new theories an interesting move that puts the gamers at the center, advocates of the important success of PlayStation 4. Although without explicitly mentioning PS5, it is clear that Sony’s intent to program a new console closer and closer to the needs and desires of users, calling them into question.

PlayStation 5 can not exist without the support of its fans and this Sony knows it well: the Japanese company then enlists the opinions of those who, directly, spend many hours playing through the Sony console. Many believe that the company already has a clear idea of the new PS5, to be shaped through the suggestions of its customers.

It is important to underline that this year Sony will not be present at E3 in Los Angeles, the most important exhibition dedicated to video games in the world: an important absence and that is certainly noticeable, PlayStation 5 is still far from reality but its announcement could be the protagonist of an exclusive independent event that highlights a long-awaited platform.

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