Mario Kart for smartphone: mobile game coming soon

Mario Kart Tour has been announced and its debut on iOS and Android could be imminent: when will the smartphone game come out?

Mario Kart is one of the most popular Nintendo series: the nice game dedicated to the characters of Super Mario lands on smartphones, with an official announcement and a debut scheduled for the coming months.

Challenging with shells between skips and impossible curves, using your smartphone, is reality: Nintendo has shown different interest in the last period for the mobile market, transporting two of its main series on small screens with Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing. The big N is often synonymous with portability, as first confirmed by Nintendo 3DS and now by Nintendo Switch: being able to play anywhere is a fundamental feature of the company, more and more oriented towards the cross-platform of their strongest series on smartphones.

Mario Kart Tour: when it comes out

The mobile sector is a source of great interest for Nintendo, as recently declared by its president in an interview, and Mario Kart Tour (this will be the name of the game) has all the credentials to be a success worthy of Candy Crush, the king of mobile games.

The project was actually announced a year ago, with a tweet via the official Nintendo America profile. The message illustrated the logo of the game and planned the debut of the kart racing for Mario and co. by the end of the 2018 fiscal year, which ends in March 2019.

Now almost a year has passed and Nintendo has not unbuttoned on the possible release and gameplay characteristics, but the game could still debut by March 31, with a possible announcement through a Nintendo Direct in February.

From the subtitle Tour it is easy to imagine how the title, which will be available for iOS and Android, will be based on a real world tour on the tracks now known to fans. The word Tour would allude to the online connection for games and challenges to pilots around the world. The development of the game will be by DeNA, a Japanese software company that has already collaborated with the big N for Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing. The game mode will include a free download and then an app purchase for the other circuits, similar to what was seen in the latest adventure of the mobile plumber.

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