Best Apps to remove people from photos in a simple way for iPhone and android

How to remove the extra person from the photo without ruining it using automatic applications for Android and iPhone 

It often happens we take an awesome picture and find, however, in the background or even in a relevant position, an unknown person that has nothing to do with it and that, in fact, ruins the photo.

You could then ask someone expert in Photoshop support who will be able to remove the extra person from the photo without ruining it, or you can try to do it yourself, using automatic applications for Android and iPhone.

These apps often work in a truly magical way, they can effectively remove any kind of disturbing element from digital photographs, without ruining the background, while keeping everything else intact, as if that element had never been present.

The applications we find here are free for both Android and iPhone smartphones and not only can quickly remove any unwanted object from the photos, but also fill the deleted area with the surrounding background of the object, making the image almost perfect and real..

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1) Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix, free for Android and iPhone is probably the first app to use to do this job.

Once the application is open, you will be required to log in with a Google or Facebook account or to create an Adobe account.

After loading a photo with the + button, the editing interface opens with all the image correction tools.

Using the Point Correction tool and adjusting the size of the indicator, you can use your finger to delete, precisely, the person or item you do not want to appear in the photo.

Photoshop Mix will then take care of removing this extra person and arranging the background to make it look normal.

In case some part of the removed person remains, the operation can be repeated in order to be more precise.

At the end save the photo in the gallery or continue to edit it with the other correction tools.

2) Snapseed

Google’s Snapseed is another app for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for iPhone, free, which among the many features of photo editing can help to remove unnecessary items and remove more people from the photos.

To do this, open a photo with the + button, go to the Tools tab and use the Correction function.

Then use the brush to highlight the part of the image to be removed that will be deleted immediately.

Snapseed is a bit ‘less precise in this work because it does not allow you to choose the size of the brush and the intensity, but thanks to the zoom you can enlarge the portion of photo to be corrected to highlight the object more precisely.

Snapseed also reconstructs the background after removing the person, so that it looks like it has never been there.

3) PixelRetouch

PixelRetouch is one of the best free Android apps only to delete unwanted scenes or objects from photos, also because it has above all this purpose.

After opening an image from the album, you can use the “Object Removal tool” Below and draw over the object you want to remove using the brush that you can customize the size.

After you do that, you just press the” Go “button to see the effect that removes the person from the photo.

The area from which it is removed the object will be covered with the surrounding background in a realistic way

4) YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect, for iPhone and Android has a function automatic to remove objects and remove people from photos.

This app is very simple to use, because in the photo editing option you can immediately use the removal tool to select the part of image that you want to remove.

Once done, just press the “Apply” button and the object will disappear instantly.

5) PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is an excellent semi-free application for Android and iPhone, which allows you to delete any object or person in a photo in a simple and clean.

Also in Photodirector, as in other applications, just open the photo and use the removal tool by coloring the part to be erased in red.

The background is then filled evenly according to the space around the removed element.

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