Tricks to win at Dragon Ball Legends game in Android and iPhone

The new Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Legends, is having a great success after the release of a few weeks ago and has convinced both the fans of the famous series of cartoons, both the lovers of barrel games, that with the Sayan and their powers will find their way out of power.

Dragon Ball Legends is a game of absurd, action and strategy where you fight using the fingers on the screen for the chosen character, to dodge incoming shots and launch a series of basic attacks.

A well done dodge will launch a counterattack and, on the rare occasion when two hits strike at the same time, a score will decide which one will come out.

Each character has its special powers, to be used as attack cards, visible at the bottom of the screen.

There are ranged attack cards, melee attacks, and special ones that you use in succession can trigger a powerful combo.

The games are fast and played entirely with one hand, so it’s perfect to play whenever you want.

The game presents the original characters of the cartoon and the Dragon Ball comics, with Goku, Vegeta, Junior and even the bad Freezes and Nappa.

Although characterized by a story mode, the main mode of play is that in PvP like Clash Royale, entering online matches against players from all over the world.

Below, since I enjoyed a bit ‘on this game, let’s see how to play Dragon Ball Legends, which can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone smartphones, to be more competitive, unlock the characters and win fights against other players.

Unlocking characters 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose between all Dragon Ball characters and must instead unlock them in various ways, especially with the evocation or advancement in the story.

The Summon system is the main way to get new characters.

This is a random mechanism that requires you to spend Chrono Crystals (the Dragon Ball Legends premium currency) to unlock one of the many characters in the game.

Every day a discount will be given on the first Evocation, with the price of only 20 Crystals.

If not, you will have to spend 100 Crystals for Summoning. Although it is possible to release duplicates, these are also useful as they update the Z power levels of existing characters (more because it is important later).

The other option to unlock the characters is completing the missions in the story, where you can get rewards.

These limited-time missions usually reward small amounts of Z Power for a specific character linked to the event.

These missions are generally very simple. for example “fight using a specific character 10 times”, so make sure to check the list to try and unlock as many as possible.

Best characters – Rarity and types 

If you are lucky, you can immediately unlock Goku, the hero of the series, or Vegeta, the powerful Prince of the Saiyan, but it is not enough to deploy the main characters to win.

While the traditionally more powerful Dragon Ball characters are usually the best to use in Legends, you need to consider two variables: rarity and types.

For example, there are four different Goku variants in Dragon Ball Legends, each based on a different part of the Dragon Ball saga.

Two of these have powers and abilities in the Freezer series, the other two in the Super Saiyan saga.

Each of them has special abilities, those with distance, some explosion attacks or better defense.

Going therefore to compose a team of fighters, we must balance the skills to be more competitive.

In general, you must aim for a balance between the four types of combatant in the team of six people and not only use Hero rarity characters that are the most common and weakest.

Extreme characters are not as strong as Sparking variants, but have enough base strength to become useful when they are leveled and empowered.

Characteristics of the fighters

– Story EXP: it is the experience that grows when a phase of history is completed.

– EXP Training: these are points that grow in the Training menu, the training.

Using the weights in training increases this experience and then you can use limited time training.

– Limit Breaks: it is the Z power obtained by evocations or by the prizes of the story to increase the overall power of a character, indicated by the stars.

You can have up to 7 stars.

– Soul Boost: you can enhance a character by unlocking the new Boost Panels in the Soul Boost tab.

These are minor updates to individual statistics like Health, Attack and Explosion Defense.

– Class Up/Boost Cores: once you have unlocked a certain number of Boost Panels you can activate a Boost Core (called Class Up on the Soul Boost card).

This increases the maximum level of the character and opens up new, more powerful, upgrade panels.

Equipment: these are objects obtained by completing missions.

The last variable of Dragon Ball Legends launches are the Elements, essential to win the battles.

Each character has a specific element that is easily recognizable by a color: Red, Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue.

You play as a Chinese Morra, with a color that beats another but loses with another.

The two wildcards are the two special elements: dark and light: the dark is strong against all five basic elements, while the light is strong against the dark.

A good mix of elements when fighting is therefore essential for countering the opponent.
Fortunately, it is not necessary to remember who wins among the various colors, because it is indicated on the screen.

How to win online PvP battles 

Once you’ve done the right training and assembled a powerful team, you can play against other players online, in Dragon Ball Legends.

As you might expect, fighting a real person in real time is much more difficult than dealing with an opponent in Story or Event mode.

The matchmaking is currently a little uncertain in Legends, and trying to beat a higher level opponent is usually impossible.

Regardless, certain tactics and tricks can change the course of a fight :

– Waiting for an opponent’s opening without going against the first second of the game, is the best way to avoid being beaten immediately.

– Swipe left or right when an attack is about to hit (indicated by an exclamation mark) makes the so-called escape pass and you are teleported to the side of your enemy leaving them exposed to a counterattack.

Keep in mind that you can not dodge forever, as Vanishing Steps are reduced each time and kept an eye on.

– Watch the Ki to reload when the opponent is stunned by holding the button on the screen.

The key to victory is to carefully manage the Ki, without ever exhausting it by looking for combos.

The best strategy is to put chain attacks together only when you are sure to give the coup de grace.

In general it is a fun game, with a very accurate graphics that optimally expresses the power of the characters of Dragon Ball.

Like all games made of scores and refills, to win it takes patience, training and take one step at a time without overdoing it.

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