How to play poker online for free on Android and iPhone

Do you consider yourself a good poker player but you have no way to play regularly with friends or relatives?

If you want to keep yourself trained without risking a single penny, you can take advantage of your smartphone to play online poker against other real players.

There are many platforms that offer online poker, you just need to choose the one you like most on a graphic level.

The apps that I recommend you are free in the sense that allow you to play poker online on smartphones in “fake money” mode, that is with a total number of chips that have no value from the monetary point of view; in this way you will not even have the “weight” to play real money, so you can spend some time training against real players.

In other words, it is not about gambling, it is not forbidden to minors and even younger boys can play without risking squandering money or getting sick of poker.

In this article, therefore, the best Poker games for Android and iPhone, free, with games against other players, with Texas Hold’em tables or with less famous poker variants.

This article does not include the most famous online poker game, that Zynga Poker that for me can no longer be considered among the best.

Governor of Poker 3

One of the best online poker games that I have been able to test on smartphones is Governor of Poker 3.

This app offers the possibility to play Poker in many virtual casinos around Texas in various ways: Cash Game, Tournament, Royal Hold’em and many others.

The game offers daily free chips to play for fun: you can not play real money or win cash prizes.

The more chips you win from your opponents (real players all over the world using the same app) the more casinos and cities you unlock, until you get to the legendary Las Vegas where you can play multi-million dollar tables against the strongest players in the game.

In addition to poker in Texas Hold’em variant this app also allows you to play BlackJack against the bank and in Spin & Go mode, which gives away a fake chips in a sort of lottery.

You can download Governor of Poker 3 for Android and iPhone for free from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Governor of Poker 3 for Android 

DOWNLOAD | Governor of Poker 3 for iOS 

World Series of Poker

Another very good app to play poker online for free without risking money is the official app of the World Poker Championships, or the WSOP (World Series of Poker).

With World of Poker you can play tables against real world opponents in Texas Hold’em or Omaha and take part in the fake tournaments organized by the app producers.

The game also gives away the famous WSOP bracelets, awards reserved for the strongest players in high-level tournaments. Winning a WSOP bracelet (even if virtual and worthless) is still a very important recognition for a poker player, helps self-esteem and helps to train.

You can download World Series of Poker for free for Android and iPhone from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | World Series of Poker for Android 

DOWNLOAD | World Series of Poker for iOS 

Traditional Poker

Are you a fan of 5-card poker covered?

In this case the only convincing app with which you can play online is traditional Poker.

With this app you will be given 5 cards in hand with which to try to close the point, with the ability to change the cards you do not need during the course of the hand.

This variant can be even harder than Texas Hold’em, so it is usually reserved for industry professionals.

Traditional Poker allows you to play without risk as you use fake chips to play the game.

You can download traditional Poker for free from the following link. Unfortunately there is no version of this app for iOS.

DOWNLOAD | Traditional Poker for Android 

Omaha Poker

Another poker variant with which you can test your skills is Omaha, a distant relative of Texas Hold’em. In this variation of the game you will have 4 cards covered (instead of 2 of the Hold’em) and 5 community cards in the middle of the table.

The goal of the game is to always use (and only!) Two of the four cards assigned to make the point together with the community cards.

It may seem simple, but it is usually a variant of the game reserved for professionals, here is a small example: to have 3 aces in the 4 cards provided means to be able to use only 2, thus canceling the starting set (you will have to draw the remaining ace in the community cards to do tris).

If you want to test your poker skills I suggest you download this app, with which you can play with fake chips and experience the thrill of playing Omaha against players from all over the world.

You can download the Omaha Poker app for free from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |   Omaha Poker for Android 

DOWNLOAD |   Omaha Poker for iOS 

Online Poker

Looking for an app with which to play many different poker variations, including telesines?

In this case the only app that can advise you to play online poker with fake money is online poker.

Despite the fairly minimal interface it is possible to play Texas Hold’em, traditional poker, Omaha and American-style (7 card Stud Poker), all very entertaining and for great fans.

This is one of the few games that allows you to play with the telesine, a poker variant in which each player receives a number of face down or face down cards in front of him to make the point. In the 7-card variant you will receive 3 face down cards and 4 face down cards, it will be up to you to understand the points in your opponent’s hand and how to move after each bet.

This game does not allow you to win real money, so you can play it freely with the fake chips provided.

You can download the Poker Online app for free, only for Android phones, from the following link (Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS).

DOWNLOAD | Online Poker


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