Three New iPhones, a low-cost McBook Air, an iPad with FaceID and a Watch with a bigger screen: these and many other Apple products that are rumors and will be released in 2018-2019.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now works at the research firm TF International Securities, has published a new research note with lots of information on the devices that Apple will release soon and on the general prospects of the company. Here’s what emerged.

3 new iPhone 2018

Kuo believes that the new iPhone 2018 will be characterized by important innovations but also notes that to know exact design and features will have to wait for September/October.

Three new iPhone models in 2019 and Kuo expects sales of LCD display models will exceed models with OLED displays. He also notes that if the iPhone 2019 features a triple rear camera, it does not surprise the benefit of companies connected to the camera in Apple’s supply chain.

iPad X with FaceID

Kuo expects to launch new iPads featuring FaceID, a lower-priced MacBook Air and new Apple Watch models with larger displays.

Kuo spoke of three iPhone models for the new range this year: a 2nd generation iPhone X, a 6.5” version called the iPhone X Plus and a 6.1” model with an LCD screen from the price more cheap. The latter would be a low-cost iPhone X that thanks to the competitive price ($600-700 according to Kuo) and top-of-the-range features will encourage users with older iPhones to buy a new one. All three will be announced and released in September.
The iPad Pro was last updated in June 2017 with a 10.5” model and thinner frames. This year, iPad models will be equipped with a TrueDepth camera and will support FaceID. Kuo believes that Apple will introduce TrueDepth camcorders to provide a user experience consistent with that of the iPhone X and increase competitiveness.


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