How to stop WhatsApp from saving photos in the gallery

If you’re wondering how not to save WhatsApp photos in the gallery with iPhone or Android, I could help you. After checking the images in the gallery, you noticed that in the “WhatsApp” album there are photographs that, in reality, should remain hidden. So, whoever picked up your phone, if for some reason went to the gallery, could not see them. Not knowing if it is possible to do something like this, you have turned to the web to investigate the issue. And here you are.

In this guide, I’ll explain just how not to save WhatsApp photos in the gallery. I tell you what you need to do to make all or only a part of the images you have received in the conversations or in the WhatsApp groups invisible. So, if you agree, you just have to start.

How not to save WhatsApp photos in the gallery

When you ask yourself how not to save WhatsApp photos in the gallery, the first thing you need to know is that, by default, the photos you send are hidden. Instead, those receipts are saved in the gallery or in the phone roll, in the album called “WhatsApp”. This is when the automatic media download is active. Regardless of this setting, however, you can hide photos in the WhatsApp chat. You can do it thanks to the function that allows you to choose individually whether to save photos in the gallery or not.

To not save WhatsApp photos in the gallery on Android, first update the application. Then, open it and follow the path Settings > Chat. In that section, you can turn off the Show Media in Gallery option, which appears under the Media Visibility heading. By doing so, you would hide all the images from the gallery. The images would be stored in the path Internal Memory > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images, in the Private folder. Someone, however, if it is usual to watch that album to spy on you, it may be suspicious.

It would therefore be better to hide the photos partially, depending on the chat or group. To do so, leave the option I just suggested you turn off. Then, enter a chat, touch the contact’s name or group name and tap Media visibility. So, set it to No. In this way, only images shared in that chat will remain invisible.
Instead, to not save WhatsApp photos in the gallery on iOS, follow the path Settings > Chatand put the Save option in the Camera Roll to Off. By doing this, you will hide all the images. While, to hide only a part of it, leave this option enabled and move within the affected conversation. Touch the name that appears at the top, select Save media in the Camera Roll, and choose Never. Starting immediately, the images received in that conversation will no longer be shown on the roll.


Now that you know how not to save WhatsApp photos in the gallery, you simply need to choose the chats for which you want to hide images and do so. Remember, however, that the photos will always be downloaded to your phone. Therefore, if you change your smartphone, you will still need to back up to iCloud (if you have an iPhone) or back up to Drive (if you have Android).

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