Apple: all the news coming out in 2020

Lots of news coming in 2020 from Apple: new iPhone 12, with 5G, the Low-cost iPhone 9, iOS 14 and the new iPad Pro. Here is what we will see in the new year and the most awaited releases.

Apple: all the news coming out in 2020

Apple: what are the new releases and what will Cupertino launch in 2020?

The new year promises to be a load of releases for Apple, which is projected to 2020 that could represent a fundamental turning point for the American giant: after presenting iPhone 11, in three models, and the new AirPods, what will it present and how will it surprise the Apple fans increasingly thirsty for news?

There is obviously great anticipation for iPhone 12, the new iPad Pro 2020, news on the first iPhone 5G (new generation of network now increasingly imminent) and on the elusive economic entry level model that should be the heir of the iPhone SE (but updated to the latest features).

Apple is a brand always focused on innovation and which is not afraid to surprise, even in the face of decidedly dizzying prices (see also the recent and latest debut of the 16-inch MacBook Pro). Between rumors and confirmations, here’s what we can expect from Apple 2020.

Apple: the releases of 2020

iPad Pro 2020

They were expected by the end of 2019, but Apple must have preferred to postpone their debut for the beginning of 2020.

The new iPad Pro should resume some features of the current top-of-the-range model, effectively replacing it. There is talk about two new displays, which could finally be OLED, in the now tested dimensions that will reach the size of 12.9 inches.

There aren’t many details about it, but one thing is sure: the new iPad Pro will be equipped with triple or double rear cameras on the model of the one made by Apple for the latest iPhone 11. The reason? Making the new tablets increasingly avant-garde and oriented towards that augmented reality which, in Apple’s plans, is certainly the technology to focus on.

iPhone 9 (or SE 2?)

It has been talked about for a long time, but the official confirmation is still absent: the new economic iPhone, also considering the prices of the latest arrivals in the Apple home, is an object increasingly desired by users who want to enjoy the iOS 13 ecosystem and try the iPhone experience at a more affordable price.

For some time, the name accosted by rumors has been that of iPhone 9: a curious number that aims to push the new entry level away from the iPhone SE, now too dated. Among the features we have a design similar to the iPhone 8, which would therefore be replaced in favor of a more updated and affordable device, and Touch ID with less thick bezels. The price? It could start from 400 dollars.

iPhone 12 2020

The spotlights are all for it: iPhone 12 seems destined to represent a strong break with the past, respecting the calendar of Apple renewal, used to introducing slow and gradual innovations for its top-of-the-range devices.

The expectations are many: from a design that could mark a return to the past, with more squared edges, to the triple rear camera that could undergo a new arrangement aimed at departing from the square designed for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro (at the center of criticism, irony but also appreciation).

iPhone 12 should also eliminate the now outdated notch in favor of a smaller one or a completely full screen design: Kuo is cautious, but underlines that the appearance of the new iPhones could be significantly different from the current models. The three expected models, which will respect the current line up, will all be equipped with an OLED screen.

iPhone 5G

5G is advancing and Apple could run for cover by implementing support for the new connection directly within the components of the new iPhone 12.

Cupertino at the moment does not seem very worried about the support for the fifth generation of network, even if the Android competition (from Samsung to Huawei and Xiaomi) already offers several devices with 5G support for sale. The work is still far away for the new generation network, but Kuo seems certain: the two top-of-the-range models of iPhone 12 will support 5G, while the entry level one) heir to iPhone 11 and XR) will not present it for a price more accessible launch.

iOS 14

New year, new update: iOS 14 will retire the current version of Apple’s operating system, but not only.

The older iPhones will also be excluded from the next updates and to remain outside at this moment could be iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. A first look could be offered at WWDC 2020 scheduled for May: the conference dedicated to the developers will allow you to take a first look at the new Apple OS. Improvements are expected for the many innovations introduced by iOS 13, changes to the current appearance of the interface (which has been accompanying us for some time now) and any functions related to 5G support.

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