WatchChat: How to Watch and View WhatsApp Messages by Watch

If you have an Apple Watch or another Android-powered smart watch, you’ve wanted to receive and send WhatsApp messages from your device without touching your phone. In some cases, messages can be read, but responses are limited by dictation or predefined text. Some apps can help, such as WatchChat, one of the most downloaded paid apps for iOS and Android. Yes, it gets paid.

There are free options with fewer stars, though.

WatchChat: How to Watch and View WhatsApp Messages by Watch

What does WatchChat for WhatsApp Do?

It is unofficial and works basically like WhatsApp Web. It allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. Just scan the QR code.

With WatchChat you can:

1) Access WhatsApp conversations (and groups) without relying on notifications;

2) respond via keyboard, quick answers or dictation;

3) customize quick responses and chat font size;

4) use a variety of different keyboard layouts;

5) view and zoom images;

6) listen to audio messages;

7) Start a new conversation straight from Apple Watch

8) Archive WhatsApp conversations.

It costs $2.99 on iOS and $3.99 on Android (both created by the same developer: Alexander Nowak). To use, it is quite simple on whatever your device.

How to use WatchChat

  1. Open WatchChat on your Apple Watch;
  2. Open WhatsApp on mobile phone;
  3. In WhatsApp, go to “Settings”;
  4. There, find “WhatsApp Web/Desktop”> scan QR code;
  5. Scan the QR code that will appear on your Apple Watch after 10-30 seconds;

And ready.

If any message appears, try again. The process is simple. Keep in mind that as it is not an official WhatsApp app, it is subject to change and API usage rules. The app was launched in 2017 and until then has never gone down.

There is slight difference between iOS and Android version. Using WatchChat on your device, however, requires the app to be set up on Android and iOS. On some phones, you will need to give the app permission. Stay tuned for onscreen alerts.

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