Apple prepares a monthly subscription to play from iPhone and iPad to all the games in the App Store, including GTA and Minecraft.

Apple thinks of a subscription to play GTA and Minecraft from iPhone and iPad

Apple is preparing to announce a series of news regarding its services ahead of the event scheduled for March 25th. Among these, Cupertino looks to the gaming world with a special subscription to play through the numerous titles available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

Apple increasingly takes the Netflix model and its competitors, drafting different types of subscriptions depending on the service offered: the Apple Store could become an important platform to play for the use and consumption of users passionate about mobile games, with many titles normally available to purchase provided for free.

A novelty destined to join the new streaming platform for films and TV series and the new version of Apple News. Here’s what changes.

Apple Store: a subscription to play mobile

Games are one of the most important and popular categories in the App Store, a major source of income for the Cupertino giant. Users may therefore soon be interested in paying a monthly subscription fee to access a vast and select library of games, to be played through iPads and iPhones.

This is revealed by Bloomberg, which indicates among the titles available (and currently paid) some important names such as MinecraftNBA 2K and the GTA franchise.

Of course, Apple knows how most successful games available via mobile (including the App Store) belong to the free-to-pay genre, or free titles that monetize thanks to in-app purchases, and its intentions are not necessarily hostile to this type of game. Indeed, the goal is to expand that slice of experienced players interested in the different less casual gaming titles available in the App Store, which often reject the idea of playing from the iPhone and iPad due to the excessive costs of individual titles.

Apple would redistribute game developer entrances based on how long users spend in a particular game, raising the challenge to software houses.

The ultimate goal is to further expand the mobile offer, expanding the presence of different types of games and completing a segmentation of apple services. No news on the cost and debut of the subscription plan, which could be around $9.99 a month.


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