Even if you do not have the contact of someone, it is very simple to send a private message in WhatsApp to those who are part of the same group. You can search the person among group members or touch their name when they appear in the chat.

How to send a private message to someone in a WhatsApp group

How to send a private message in WhatsApp

Accessing group members:

  1. Tap the group name in the chat window;
  2. Scroll the screen and, under “Participants,” try to find the person;
  3. If she has edited your personal information, you will see a number (which you may not recognize) and a name next to it (in this case, the name of the person you want to talk to);

Touching on the person’s name:

If you do not know the person’s name, you will need to find a message sent by them.

  1. Find a message sent by the person;
  2. Since you do not have her contact, she is identified by the number;
  3. Tap on her phone number and a window will open;
  4. Touch “Message phone number,” then add it.

By doing this, you guarantee direct contact with a person in your WhatsApp group.

If you already have the person’s contact, it’s even simpler:

  1. Press “New Conversation” (message icon at the bottom of the screen);
  2. Select the contact you want to chat with;
  3. Press “Open”;
  4. Enter a message in the Message box to start chatting;
  5. Press “Send”.

That way, you’re sending private messages. That is, outside the groups.


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