5 Best alternatives to Google Translator

The Google Translator is one of the most versatile tools in time to translate words online, but it is not the only one. For those who do not like to rely on Google all the time, there are dictionary and translator options available for mobile, desktop and web.

5 alternatives to Google Translate [efficient]

5 alternatives to Google Translate

We’ve listed five options for Google software with similar tools. Check out:

1. Microsoft Translator

Available for iPhoneAndroid and also the webMicrosoft Translator is a direct competitor, offering the same options of use. With it, you can translate streamed texts or images, and even audio files. It can also translate conversations in real time, can be used offline, and has support for more than 60 languages, although not all features are available to everyone.

Microsoft Translator is free.

2. DeepL

Available only on the webDeepL is an engine that, like Google, uses neural networks to translate texts. Thus, the results are usually much more natural, and the algorithms understand context and grammar up to a certain level. Unfortunately, it supports fewer languages, translating only texts from and to English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian.

DeepL is free.

3. Linguee

Available on the web and well known, Linguee is not a translator but an online dictionary, useful for queries of everyday words and expressions, in several languages. It officially supports 26 languages, but not all have two-way translation options; the only one compatible with all others is English.

Linguee is free.

4. Babylon

The Babylon, known as a powerful dictionary online languages, also has a great translation tool, which has an app version offline desktop. It has Microsoft Office integration, supports up to 77 languages, and features renowned dictionary databases such as Oxford, Britannica and Merriam-Webster.

Babylon is free in both web and desktop versions.

5. Reverso

Available on the web, for iPhoneAndroid and as an extension of Google ChromeReverso is both a dictionary and a translator. It stands out for giving a great focus to the context, and offers options for using words translated in different situations. It supports 13 languages and can even translate documents, an option that most Google Translator competitors do not have.

The Reverso is free.

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