Best apps to create Instagram Stories in Android and iPhone

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Within this new guide today we will list what we believe are the best apps for Instagram stories to use on your device.

Best apps to create Instagram Stories in Android and iPhone

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a very simple to use application that allows you to create special effects in a simple, fast and fun way and also requires no design skills. This is possible thanks to the various models created by the professionals available within the software that you can use to modify your images with just a few touches.

In fact, all you need to do is select your favorite photos, add text and apply design filters. In the end, you can easily share content via Instagram Stories using the integrated share feature.

Download | Android/iOS


Unfold is considered by many to be one of the best apps for Instagram stories to use to create beautiful and engaging stories using the minimal and elegant presets available by default. The free version of the software provides as many as 25 models to choose from + another 90 from the premium one.

In addition to this, the app offers 5 different fonts and various advanced tools for editing the text. In the end it is possible to export your Stories in high resolution to share them on Instagram.

Download | Android/iOS

GoPro Quik

Many will surely know the Quick app developed by GoPro that allows you to create fantastic videos in a few simple eyes. All you have to do is select your favorite photos and videos from the gallery of your smartphone or tablet, use the many effects and transitions in the app and synchronize everything to the beat of the music.

The Quick app allows you to add up to 75 photos and videos from the gallery, Google Photos, Dropbox and so on, provides 23 themes (each with different transitions and graphics) and you can also do lots of other things like rearranging, cutting out and easily shoot photos and videos, add text and slides, speed up the movie or play it in slow-motion and so on. In the end, you can share the clip made with the app on Instagram via the integrated function.

Download | Android/iOS


Among the best apps for Instagram stories to use, we’ve decided to include InShot as well. Many consider it the best photo and video editor for Instagram that allows you to add music and other special effects to your stories before posting them.

For example, you can cut out an unwanted part or delete it, apply a colored or blurred border, add text or stickers, apply lots of effects and photographic filters and much more. In the end, you can export the story in the preferred resolution and share it directly on Instagram Stories.

Download | Android/iOS


Mojo is a completely free application available for iOS (soon also on Android ) that allows you to create fantastic video stories by choosing an animated model from the 40 offered (all 100% editable), add your favorite multimedia content, change font, color, size, position, alignments and so on and proceed with direct sharing on Instagram Stories.

Download | iOS

The best apps for Instagram stories to use: other solutions

In addition to the applications listed in the previous lines, below you will find other solutions to consider to create truly unique and completely personalized Instagram stories.


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