what is Shoutout Instagram and how it works?

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Browsing the Internet, you have discovered a particular feature proposed by Instagram called Shoutout and now you would like to find out what it is and how it works. At Teknologya we have created an ad hoc guide to explain specifically how to best use this interesting feature.

what is Shoutout Instagram and how it works?

Shoutout Instagram: what it is

For those who were wondering, a Shoutout is practically a mention that is made from one Instagram profile to another using the @. This is done by posting a photo or video on the popular photographic social network by inserting in the description the mention of another user via the @Shoutout Instagram, in short, is a really interesting feature that allows you to create a sort of direct link to the mentioned profile that could result in new followers.

Shoutout Instagram: how it works

The operation of this feature proposed by Instagram is really very simple. Currently, there are 3 types of Shoutout: those that are exchanged between two users ( S4S ), those sold and those bought.

Taking a practical example, you have a profile entirely dedicated to technology and you would like to increase your followers. In this case, you can rely on a profile with many followers dedicated to technology.

You just need to contact the latter via Direct or the desired method, establish the payment methods and the number of photos and/or videos that the latter will have to publish and the maximum time that must remain the mention. Usually, a Shoutout lasts 24 hours.

During these hours, if the chosen profile has a good involvement rate, you will acquire new followers interested in your content. In essence, through this function you will be able to obtain new followers and greater integration (engagement) with photos, videos and stories.

As anticipated in the last few lines, it is possible to do Shoutout on Instagram using 3 methods: exchangepurchase or sale. In the first case, the free Shoutout exchange takes place between two profiles that have a fairly similar number of followers. Just contact the other person via Direct or the preferred method and submit a simple request for S4S (exchange of Shoutouts). Therefore, you will publish a post with mention of the other user and the latter will do the same thing with you.

If you decide to buy a Shoutout on Instagram, then we advise you first to do a direct search on the social network in order to find the profiles followed in the sector that interests you most (eg technology). Once all the published posts have been analyzed in detail (taking into consideration the number of likes and comments and comparing them with the followers), contact the profile by sending a private message, by phone or by e-mail.

As the default format, you can use the one below:

Hi username,

I looked at your Instagram profile and noticed that you are posting some really interesting content.

For some time now I have decided to open a profile on Instagram too that deals with content that is very similar to yours.

For this, I was wondering if I was willing to do a Shoutout in one of your next posts.

In case of a positive outcome, I kindly ask you to give me the price and the terms and conditions.

Looking forward to your reply, I wish you a good day!

Your name

Alternatively, you can buy a Shoutout using a special marketplace such as Shoutcart. This is the first platform in the world created for influencer marketing and it includes over 400 million active followers to be considered for your purpose.

Once connected to the Shoutcart website, just press the Browse Influencers button, enter the keyword in the Search influencers by keyword field (eg tech or technology) and evaluate the proposed profiles. In this case, we suggest that you take the profile’s authenticity score (using the Score column ) or the number of followers as a reference. Remember that the higher the authenticity score, the higher the visibility and user interaction. To view the price and to continue with the purchase, you need to create a free account pressing the Register for Free button at the top and following the guided procedure.

If you have a profile with lots of followers and particularly active, then you can start earning something by trusting the aforementioned little marketplace, or Shoutcart. All you have to do is register a new account, link your Instagram profile to the platform and enter all the required information. The marketplace team will analyze and evaluate all the content published by you and, if your profile is valid, will enable the account for sale. An authenticity score will also be assigned as a percentage.

If you want to operate in a private way, without going through the marketplaces like Shoutcart, then you can agree directly with your customer by providing information on the content, price and maximum period of permanence of the mention. Of course, we suggest you get paid upfront via PayPal or by using another secure payment method.

At this point, to proceed with the publication of the promotional content, you just need to open Instagram, select the photo or video to be published on the social network and, after entering the various details, mention the profile of the user or company using the @. Once the deadline has expired, you can simply edit the post using the appropriate function, going to cancel the mention.


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