Best CD burner software to burn MP3 audio CDs

How to make an audio CD or mp3 CD by burning discs or copying music tracks to your computer

Although they seem to have gone out of fashion, on many cars you can still listen to a good Audio CD or a CD full of MP3s, so you always have your music collection at your fingertips saved on your PC.

How to make these discs on a PC?

To burn an Audio CD or MP3 CD there are several programs, all free, some of which you might already have on your computer.

Let’s find out the best programs to burn MP3 audio CDs on your PC in a totally free way.
The only requirement we need is the presence of a CD/DVD burner on our computer (both fixed and portable).

1) Windows Media Player

With Windows Media Player (integrated in every version of Windows still supported) you can burn MP3 files on a CD in an easy way.

The burning function is on the right of the program interface and you will only need to drag the files to the column called Burn as soon as you insert a blank CD.

From the options that appear by pressing the small button at the top right of the column we can choose whether to create a normal audio CD or a data CD to be filled with MP3.

You can also do the reverse operation and turn the tracks of a CD into mp3 files to keep on your computer or upload to the MP3 player.

To do this, simply insert the CD into the drive, open Windows Media Player and select the option to copy the tracks to your computer.

Clicking on the item Other Burning Options we will get a panel where you can configure every aspect of the burn, from speed to volume leveling among all the chosen tracks, so as to obtain a high quality audio CD also starting from files with different volumes and quality.

2) InfraRecorder

A good program to quickly burn audio CDs and MP3 CDs is InfraRecorder, available for free download from here -> InfraRecorder.

To make a standard Audio CD, just click on Audio Disc, while to create an MP3 disc, we will have to click on the Data Disc entry.

Now insert the empty disc and drag or load the tracks that we intend to burn, paying attention to the limits (with audio CDs about 18 tracks, while with MP3 CDs the limit is hundreds of tracks).

This program also allows you to completely copy an already created Audio or MP3 disc (using the Copy Disc voice ) and to import the songs saved on a disc thanks to the Read Disc option.

The rewritable discs will be managed automatically, so just insert them and open the program to choose whether to simply overwrite them or delete them before proceeding.

3) DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft provides a good and light program to create the audio CD to be heard with any CD player; we can download the free program from here -> Free Audio CD Burner.

Once installed it allows you to create an audio CD by copying over 15 or 20 MP3 files depending on the length and to manage the burning in a very simple way.
This program does not offer many settings, we can choose only the maximum burning speed (which we recommend to keep as low as possible for maximum compatibility) and volume leveling for tracks from many sources and with different qualities.

4) Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

A complete program to manage every aspect of the burning, including music CDs, is Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, available for free download from here -> Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.

During installation, it requires the entry of a license, which can be obtained free of charge by entering a valid email address.

Once you have entered the free license code, you can burn Audio CDs and MP3 CDs by clicking on the Music menu and using the Create Audio CD for a classic music CD or Create MP3 or WMA disc to create a data CD with your favorite MP3s.

There are also many other functions related to CD burning but also to audio in general, such as the ability to extract an audio CD to get high quality tracks, the ability to extract tracks on PC and to manage rewritable CDs so to be able to reuse them more frequently.

5) CDBurnerXP 

CDBurnerXP is the best program to burn discs and can be downloaded for free here ->CDBurnerXP.

This program is great for burning an Audio Disc to make a classic CD or a Data CD with MP3 files so that you can carry all the music stored on your PC.
More information on the program can be found in the CDBurnerXP guide, the best program to burn CDs, DVDs, ISO and Blu-ray on Windows.

6) Starburn

If we are looking for a portable program that does not require installation (so you can also bring it on a USB stick) to burn an audio CD or an MP3 CD on the fly we can use the Starburn program, its portable version can be downloaded for free here ->Starburn.

Once extracted in the desired folder or USB stick, simply click on the executable or link icon in the portable installation folder to start this small but fast program.

In order to make the standard Audio CDs we will have to use the option Burn Audio, to realize instead the CD with the MP3 we will have to use the option Burn Data.

Excellent other features related to burning and audio such as tools to erase rewritable discs and the system to extract audio tracks from audio CDs already inserted.


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