Application for iPhone to shoot live and record images, audio and video in a hidden way 

Who owns an iPhone or even an iPod Touch can turn it into a spy device using a small application that makes a lot of “James Bond”.

With this application, the camera of the iPhone phone records, secretly and without giving signals, everything that happens in the frame and in the surrounding environment by taking pictures and recording video and audio

The application has all the options to function as an invisible camera similar to those of CIA agents in American films.

So, who wants to play spy or simply to keep an eye on the children in the other room or while you are at work, you can download and install the Presence application.

Despite its rather sophisticated functionality, Presence is quite easy to use.
There are four modes of operation:

Remote View mode is definitely the winning point of this app.

You can actually see everything from the iPhone through a series of photos from your computer, live.

You can also plan for espionage by starting a timer, so you can start shooting after a certain period of time.

You can see the photos that are taken, in real time, from the web browser, generating a link from the application that you can also receive via Email or SMS.

Video Capture is a mode similar to remote viewing, which enables the phone to record video and audio by saving the movie in the application’s internal memory.

The video can then be reviewed later, whenever you want.

Audio Capture is the audio recorder, to record sounds and conversations using the phone’s microphone.

The audio recorder is also particularly useful for recording a conversation secretly by holding the phone in your pocket or on the table.

Photo Capture: used to take pictures.

The application allows you to manage all the recordings so you can catalog them neatly and save every generated file, video, audio or images, in a separate library from the general one of the iPhone.

Presence is free in limited version and can be purchased from the iTunes Store.

I remember that from the legal point of view you can not record anything in public but the application can work well as a small home surveillance system.


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