When we talk about video editing, which is nothing but a learned way to say cut and edit video with a program, we have always focused on the videos downloaded on our computer. But it is absolutely not said that this is the only occasion we will run into. For example, just to be a devil’s advocate, we may need to download a clip from a YouTube video.

For now the only way we know, or at least I knew, was to download the video, save it on our computer and then, with a particular program, cut the piece that interests us. Instead, there is the possibility of doing all this much more simply, online and for free. Indeed, there are 3 distinct ways.

1. TubeChop

Simple and quick: do you like it as a description? Let’s see the reason for this definition. Simple, because it is sufficient to indicate the web address of the video we want to cut. The site will load it and, through two cursors, it will ask us to indicate the piece that we are interested in cutting. Quick, because it’s really a matter of seconds.

There’s one thing to add. After cutting the video we can easily reuse it on our blogs, or on the company website, using a special code that is provided by the site itself. To this, as I think it is clear, we must add the possibility of cutting a YouTube video for free. Which is not necessarily to be true.

2. YTcropper

There is another way to cut a video. Of course, we can do it physically, completely removing the part that does not interest us. Or, much more quickly and economically from the point of view of memory and computing power needed, one can prevent the viewing of a part of the original movie. In fact, this site allows us to select a piece of a YouTube video, with a beginning and an end, and to share it with whomever we want. Those who access the video following the address we indicate, a link, will only see the part we wanted to see.

Is it a useful thing? Yes, because it allows you to highlight only an interesting part of a video, but does not completely prevent the possibility of recovering the original. Which is good if the piece is not able to understand the context of a dialogue or a joke, for example.

3. YTcutter

Finally if it is true that the right is in the middle we just have to present a site that allows both approaches. Personally I am not enthusiastic about the practical realization, even if the concept is more than good. Good, even in this case, the management of links, management that allows us to manipulate, edit and cut a video and then be able to easily share it with the whole web.

Finally, before closing the article, a small consideration of a general nature. Personally I would recommend using these three tools in moderation, perhaps only on special occasions. For example, those who take care of a cinema or culture blog can use the opportunity to insert short, effective videos. But if you let yourself get carried away it’s very easy to transform originality into banality.


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