Searching on Wikipedia I discovered that the word “avatar” comes from the Hindu tradition where literally translated means “the incarnation” referring to a god who incarnates himself in a physical body. For us, an avatar is an image that is used to represent us on the internet where “embodies”, precisely, the one who uses it. Having made this small premise today I show you the list of the top 5 sites where you find tools to create your avatar online, without installing any software on your PC. For some sites the use of flash player is mandatory.

1. FunnyWow

FunnyWow is a website to create photomontages or avatars if we really want details, uploading our photo on photos already ready for special effect. We can appear on billboards, reflected in a mirror, on a car or on a big screen at the stadium; FunnyWow is really designed to create avatars really suggestive and of particular impact. To create one, just click on one of the many templates offered and we can easily upload our photo.

2. is a site dedicated to photography really interesting because it offers many online services completely free. You can retouch a photo, apply filters, create animated and non-animated avatars, create cute photomontages and apply cartoon effects to our photos. If you are looking for new ideas to create a new avatar in a site like this, you will surely find the right inspiration; in the avatar section you can create animated avatars with lots of effects, some really brilliant based on facial movement: you can for example create an animated GIF where you will raise your eyebrows, jerk your mouth or you will become sad suddenly.

3. BeFunky

Another site dedicated to photography and artistic creations is BeFunky, also available as an app for iOS and Android. Here, creating an avatar from one of our photography will be quite simple: you can apply filters, make changes, add shapes, comics or frames and more. Everything is offered free online and without any kind of registration; only requirement is a browser with full support for Flash Player.

4. BuildYourWildSelf

Even with this online service we will not be able to create an avatar from one of our photographs, but we can assure you that the creations that can be obtained are really particular and in some ways disturbing. Build Your Wild Self is an app made in Flash capable of creating really strange avatars, in which we can mix human parts with animal parts, getting unique avatars; some creations will certainly be of doubtful taste but you can create a definitely original avatar.

5. Doppelme

Doppelme is a site whose only function is to allow users to create personalized avatars. Even if we have included it as last in this list, it remains a valid alternative. You can save your avatar at any time by clicking on the image with the right mouse button and choosing the item Save image as.

With this it’s all. If you know other services to create online avatars, report them through comments, we will be happy to add them to this list.


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