How to download League of Legends on PC and Mac: guide to the download and installation of the famous game created by Riot Games.
League of Legends download: how to download it and start playing

You want to download and start playing League of Legends but you do not know how? Simple, all you need is a PC or a Mac on which to download the popular game developed by Riot Games. Experts or novices, it does not matter: just be in possession of one of these two devices to download League of Legends, the procedure is simple but there are some system requirements to be met.

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) belonging to the genre strategy in real time, in which a player does not control entire armies or groups ready to fight, but only a single character. The download of League of Legends is available for free through the official website of the game, but to start playing you must complete the installation and the procedure could easily confuse the less experienced users. Here’s how to do it.

League of Legends download: account and system requirements

League of Legends is the classic PC game similar in some respects to the lucky World of Warcraft and far from the multi-platform availability of Fortnite, with which it shares the free to play mode (that is, completely free game that includes some in-game purchases, usually through a special virtual currency).

League of Legends is aimed exclusively at those who play PC and Mac and you can start playing only after downloading the game from the site.

But first you have to register and create your account: just open the online portal dedicated to League of Legends, click on the top right. You will be immediately opened a new page with a very encouraging tag line, “Your legend starts here“: enter your email address, your date of birth and your username followed by a password, check the boxes related to privacy and advertising and finally complete it by clicking on “Next”.

If your username, which will also represent your nickname in the game, is already taken by another player to change it and complete the whole. After a confirmation email, you can download and start playing League of Legends. This provided that your operating system supports some basic requirements to allow the game to operate without any problem.

Among these we have, on Windows: 2 GHz processor, more than 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of available hard disk space (the actual weight of the game), Shader 2.0 compatible graphics card, screen with a resolution higher than 1920×1200, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10 as operating system.

As for Mac you need: an SSE2 processor or higher, 2 GB of minimum RAM, 5 GB of hard disk space, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics card or alternatively ATI Radeon HD 26000 higher, screen with 1920×1200 resolution and operating system a starting from Mac OS X 10.8.5 onwards.

The vast majority of PCs and Macs available for sale today holds most of the requirements to play, but it is always good to check before downloading and starting the installation of the game file, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

League of Legends PC download: how to download it, installation guide

Once you have completed the download of the game file, a normal .exe, you can proceed with the installation. Open the file and start the download of the client, necessary to allow (once complete) to save the file on your computer. Save the installation file where you prefer, usually the appropriate icon may appear directly on the desktop, and start the file: accept the conditions of use and start the download through the file, choose whether to start League of Legends or not just finished downloading or by opening it manually.

You will have to wait a bit ‘of time, a lot also depends on your connection, 
meanwhile login with your new game account where you can make the choice of the region of play, the language and your name evoking (the nick with which will be recognized within the League of Legends world, also useful for being added by friends).

Once this is done, you can choose to face a tutorial useful to understand the commands and dynamics of the game or throw yourself directly into the fray, by clicking on Skip. Also select an icon and it’s done: now you’re ready to play.

League of Legends Mac download: how to download and install it

Very similar procedure on Mac: to download and install League of Legends on an Apple computer download the installation file from the official site and then start it to proceed as indicated above.

You will have to drag the game icon to the macOS application folder where all the useful files will be copied. From the Launchpad click on the League of Legends symbol and start installation client. Wait for the download of all files and log in to set up your game profile exactly as indicated for the Windows version (evocative name, language, game region, icon, etc.).


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