Best free VPN for anonymous surfing Online

Have you ever wondered what the best VPNs are for free? The need for security, of anonymous and encrypted Internet connections has increased considerably in the last period, also following the US intelligence scandals (NSA and Datagate), with more and more users aware of the importance of safe surfing without being tracked.

Add to this that in many countries of the world the Internet is not free, but subjected to severe filters by central governments: in these cases access to real information and unfiltered (or inconvenient) is practically impossible if not using advanced tools, such as a VPN connection.

In this article we will see together a list of the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use to get a higher level of security in our navigation. We will cover the best free VPN services, those dedicated to torrents and the best paid VPN services.

So which are the best free VPNs?

These services offer free VPNs but with specific conditions: limited traffic (500 MB per month for example), lower speeds or the impossibility to choose the new IP with which to appear on the Internet. They are good for circumventing the geographical blocks, but not the best if you want to keep your anonymity on the net, since they often maintain their profiles.

If you do not want to be profiled, you do not want traffic and speed limits, and you want to make sure your privacy is safe, you have to turn to one of the paid alternatives that the market offers.

VPN services compatible with BitTorrent

Want to download some torrents without being tracked by Telecom operators? With these services (even for a fee) we will be able to download the torrents via VPN, so as to prevent any traceability of our downloads.

Both services help us even when, for example, our operator imposes peer-to-peer blocks to limit the download of material, in university networks and so on.

Paid VPN

Although we talked about free services there is nothing to do: the best performance is obtained by paying a monthly or annual fee to access VPNs very fast, safe and effective. The top of the service for any need for privacy we must address, even overcome governmental filters of China or other countries “from easy control”. Here are the best VPN for anonymous paid browsing: the price of these services is really worth the expense:

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