The best Linux distros to absolutely install on Chromebooks

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You have a Chromebook and you want to try Linux but don’t know which distro to install? Within this new guide today we will list which are, in our opinion, the best Linux distribution for Chromebooks to be installed absolutely.

best Linux distros to absolutely install on Chromebooks


GalliumOS is a Linux distro designed specifically for Chromebooks and Chrome devices in general. Unlike ChrUbuntu, it is not a customized version of Ubuntu but acompletely independent Linux operating system.

The distro is based on Xubuntu, so it works excellently on a fairly limited hardware. In addition to its reduced performance impact, GalliumOS is able to support most drivers.


Among the best Linux distribution for Chromebooks we decided to list Lubuntu also. This is the lightest and most minimized version of Ubuntu since it used only about 128-256 MB of RAM and has very little impact on CPU and GPU.

Usually, Chromebooks have not very high performance hardware, so it’s definitely an advantage that the operating system uses so little. In short, you can enjoy a complete Linux distribution without any slowdown.

Bunsenlabs Linux

If you are looking for a solid Linux distro to run on your Chromebook, then a good alternative is Bunsenlabs Linux. We are talking about an operating system born from the defunct Crunchbang project, known for being particularly light.

This distribution manages to use very few resources due to its custom OpenBox – based desktop environment. This makes it an excellent choice for Chromebook owners as it is not very powerful. Bunsenlabs Linux is also based on Debian and not on Ubuntu, so you may not understand some features right away.

Arch Linux

We close this article about the best Linux distribution for Chromebooks by talking about Arch Linux. The biggest advantage of this distribution is that it can be completely customized during the configuration phase. For example, you can make it heavier or lighter depending on your needs.

This makes Arch Linux perfect for Chromebook users as these devices don’t have much power. Another great reason to install this distro on your laptop with Chrome OS is the fact that it is updated frequently by the developers so as to have an increasing support of drivers.


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