How to download WhatsApp status photos and videos with or without using any third party apps

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Since you want to download a content published by a contact on the popular instant messaging app, and now you are looking for a guide that explains specifically how to download photos or videos from WhatsApp status without performing any special operations. Here it is!


How to download photos or videos from WhatsApp status on Android

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download a WhatsApp status in a very simple way by choosing from 2 different solutions. The first is to use a simple file manager and reach the appropriate folder where the statuses are saved. And the second requires the use of an application that allows the download of the status.

Most Android smartphones or tablets have an integrated file manager that allows easy access to files stored on both internal and external memory.

Before seeing specifically the steps to follow, however, it is necessary to activate the display of hidden files within the integrated file manager (obviously if supported). For example, if you have a Samsung device, equipped with the One UI based on Android 9.0 Pie, open the Archive app, tap on the 3 dots at the top right and choose Settings. After that, locate the File Management section and press on the switch next to Show hidden files.

You need to do this procedure because the .Statuses folder is not visible directly. Another thing to keep in mind is that WhatsApp status last up to 24 hours, so this directory is updated in real time and the data is automatically deleted as soon as it expires. Therefore, our advice is to download the photo and/or video as soon as possible.

That said, let’s find out the steps to follow:

  • Open the stock file manager on your Android device, click on Internal memory, locate the WhatsApp folder and tap us on.
  • At this point, tap on Media and click on .Statuses. In this folder you will find all the images and videos displayed in the WhatsApp statuses. To proceed with the save, simply copy-paste or move-paste to the desired folder. For example, within the ‘app Archive of Samsung, make a long press on the content you want to save (appear an orange check mark next to the file name) and choose Move or Copy from the menu below. After that, reach the preferred folder, press it up to open it and press up Copy here/Move here.

If your Android smartphone or tablet does not have an integrated file manager, we suggest using the excellent File Manager+ application that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • First of all, proceed with downloading the app from the Google market and start it once the installation is complete.
  • After that, press on Main Memory, scroll down and press on WhatsApp to access the instant messaging app folder.
  • At this point, press on the Media folder and enable the display of hidden files by first pressing on the 3 dots at the top right, then on View and pressing on Show hidden files under the Others section.
  • When this feature is enabled, the hidden .Statuses folder should appear. Tap on it.
  • Now, to copy or move a photo or video, you just need to press the first file to save and then tap on the rest and choose Copy or Move from the bar at the bottom.
  • In the next step, click on the little house at the top left to return to the File Manager + app’s home page and add the folder where you want to save the content. Just press on Paste to complete the transfer.

The second solution to download WhatsApp statuses from your Android device is to use an application called Status Saver. As the name suggests, this software allows you to download published photos and videos of your contacts through instant messaging app statuses.

Let’s find out how to use it:

  • Proceed to download the Status Saver from the Play Store and start it once the installation is completed.
  • Through the message that appears, click on Grant to allow the software to access the files on your device.
  • Having completed this step, access the main screen of the app which is divided into two sections: Images and Videos. In the first one you will find only the images while in the second only the videos.
  • Now, locate the content you want to download, press on and tap the + on the bottom right.
  • Among the various options that appear, choose Save to proceed with saving in the gallery.

Through Status Saver you can also directly share content using the preferred medium, perform a repost, delete the multimedia content or set it immediately as a profile image of WhatsApp, as a background, as a contact photo and so on.

If you still have any doubt or suggestions regarding this article then feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


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