Best Plugins to add reviews on WordPress

The Best Plugins to add reviews on your WordPress site

If you are planning to create a website for reviews, or sometimes add reviews on your WordPress blog or even add reviews on your ecommerce, you are in the right place because we will see several plugins that allow you to add reviews on your WordPress site.

The reviews are very useful to indicate to the user all the features, pros and cons, that can help the user to buy or not a product.

In fact, in the reviews are indicated all the characteristics of a given product analyzing all the aspects and if you manage a site made with WordPress, today we go to see how to create the pages of reviews and add reviews on each page or in ecommerce as WooCommerce.

Best WordPress plugins to add reviews

If you simply want to add reviews to your WordPress site and you do not have a theme that allows it among the default features, here are the best plugins to add reviews on your WordPress site.


Perhaps it is the best plugin ever, and even if it is paid, it is worth all the money spent. It allows you to create personalized pages, beautiful to see with many settings to customize it better, changing themes, colors, styles and much more. In my opinion the best.

WP Review

WP Review is the most powerful plugin in the paid version, but it also has a free version with lots of personalizations. You can add reviews on your products to offer your users the ability to review your products.

WP Product Review Lite

Although it is free, it is a very complete and powerful plugin and it is demonstrated by over 60,000 installations. We can select products where we want to add reviews and customize the look and feel. We can limit users who can review and much more.

Ultimate Review Plugin

It is the plugin that allows you to take care of graphics and statistics in the most complete way. Allows you to customize the CSS code and manage the statistics of the reviews although not given much weight to the text that is incorporated in the box and graphics.

Rating Widget: Star Review System

The free plugin that has a fair number of options to add reviews quickly and without harsh configurations you can add the sections of the reviews in a few clicks, adding the stars and much more.

In short, you have a nice selection of plugins to add reviews and customize them according to your tastes.

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