Samsung Introduces Privacy Options App for Smart TV

Samsung has just revealed at CES 2020 that is taking place in Las Vegas in the United States, a new application for your smart TVs.

Named Privacy Choices, the program was created to provide more transparency to its users, showing what types of data are collected using the manufacturer’s Smart TV devices. At the time of the presentation, however, Samsung did not make a demo of the application working in practice.

With so many problems that have arisen from the lack of transparency in the use of user data in recent years, this option by the South Korean company seems to be a slight comfort as it may also be possible to opt out of providing certain information after consultation.

Image: Disclosure / Samsung

CES is one of the largest technology events in the world, with the presence of several companies in the segment from all over the globe, and will take place until January 10, this Friday.

Source: Engadget