In today’s tutorial by popular demand we will see step by step how to change Facebook email from Android and iOS following a simple and fast procedure within the reach of even the least tech savvy.

When you create any Facebook account, you can enter an email address to receive notifications that Mark Zuckerberg’s popular blue social media sends every time an event occurs. Because of this simple motivation, if you do not use the e-mail address you used when you registered on Facebook, you can change it when you think it’s best. The procedure to follow to change Facebook emails from Android and iOS is easy.

How to change Facebook emails from Android and iOS: let’s see the process

  • First of all, the first step is to start Facebook, then tap on the bottom ≡ key and then on Account Settings (which you will find down between all the items);
  • At this point, turn your attention to General and then to e-mail: from here tap on the added e-mail address;
  • Now from the field add another email address enter the new email you are going to add and, in the field immediately below, enter your Facebook password;
  • Arrived until here tapped on the item add email. You will immediately receive a confirmation email to the email address you just added, confirm by tapping on the link received;
  • Now open the Facebook app again and go to Account Settings> General> E-mail and choose the new email address you entered as your main email. You will be asked to enter for the umpteenth time the password of the social.

At this point the procedure has come to an end: you can also remove the old email from the screen you see or keep them both. In any case, notifications will arrive only and exclusively in the email address marked as main.

As you have seen changing Facebook emails from Android and iOS is a breeze. If following the guide you encounter problems, do not hesitate to let us know. See you next time.


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