Someone has written an important information in WhatsApp chat and you do not remember it? Or remember the sender, but not the content of the sentence? Find out how to search for words and messages using the “Search” function

Knowing how to search for words and messages in a WhatsApp chat can be very useful, since information of a certain importance is exchanged during conversations with contacts. And this information, if not deleted, is still accessible by instant messaging. What’s the name of the disco, where on Saturday night is a friend’s birthday party? In which way is the clothes shop, where your friend bought that sweater that you like so much? To know this, we recommend a quick guide on how to search for words and messages in a WhatsApp chat.

WhatsApp and the “Search” function: everything you need to know

If you intend to search for information important to you, you must use the “Search” feature of WhatsApp and in a few moments you will see the relevant information. Let’s say that depending on whether you use Android or iPhone, the operations are slightly different.

To view a message on WhatsApp with Android, if you are interested in the content, but do not remember who sent it, you must enter the app and click on the magnifying glass icon, located at the top right. Type the keywords, you will have access to all the conversations where those specific keywords appear. So that’s it.

Still on Android, if instead you remember the person who wrote the message containing relevant information, but you do not remember the content, you will have to enter the conversation and, once you press the icon with the three vertical dots, just click on “Search“. Now you can type in theme keywords and you will see the results. You will only have to read them.

And on the iPhone? As already anticipated, the operations are slightly different. Do you want a message that you do not remember the sender? With a tap on the magnifying glass icon, type the word or words of interest. Finally, read the results.

In the circumstance in which you do not remember the sender of the information, you must enter the chat and, once you press its name, a new window will appear. From here, select “Search Chat” and enter keywords. You will instantly see the relevant information.


Now you know how to best use the “Search” feature of WhatsApp. All messages exchanged with relatives, friends and co-workers will always be stored in chats. However, if you change your smartphone, the only way to consult them is to back up your conversations.


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