How to change saved password on Google Chrome

Almost everyone knows that Google Chrome offers the possibility to save the passwords of a website that you have opened and on which you have navigated, thanks to the built-in function. But sometimes we need to change or delete these passwords. 

If you are wondering how to delete or change the passwords saved in Google Chrome, this article will help you understand how to do it.

– CLICK the button represented by three horizontal lines located at the top right of the screen.

– Once clicked it will open a drop-down menu where you will find all the features that allow control of Google Chrome.

– Now SELECT the “Settings” item from the menu.

– Scroll down the list and you have to CLICK the link ‘Show advanced settings …’.

– Scroll down the list again and CLICK  the ‘Manage password‘ link.

– At this point a list of all the passwords that Google Chrome has saved will appear, in particular three columns are shown:

1) The first shows you the website whose password has been saved;
2) The second one shows you the user’s name;
3) The third one shows the password obscured;

– SELECT the password from the column in which it is listed (the third one)

– To delete it CLICK on the symbol of the X which is on the right.

If you have forgotten the password of a site and you need to recover it, you have to click on the “Show” item that appears next to the blacked password.

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