If you want to make the most of the sound of your PlayStation 4, then you may be interested in how to connect Dolby to the PS4 by connecting your audio system with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.

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Dolby Atmos: what it is

Before we get to the heart of our new guide today, for the sake of completeness we decided to dedicate a few lines in which we explain in detail what Dolby Atmos is. It is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories announced in April 2012. The first use was made in June of the same year by Pixar in the film Ribelle – The Brave.

The Dolby Atmos system is mainly based on sound objects unlike previous systems that were based on channels (eg 5.1 or 7.1). The technology supports up to 128 sound objects. Each of them has its own sound characteristics and it is possible to assign any position in a 3D space.

The audio processor decides which speakers will play a sound object to create a more realistic three-dimensional sound environment. Thanks to Dolby Atmos technology, for example, you will feel the rain falling from above, the thunder expanding above you and other similar effects.

How to connect Dolby to the PS4 via optical audio cable

The first solution that we suggest you to connect your audio system with Dolby Atmos to the PlayStation 4 is to use an optical audio cable. You can recognize this type of cable from the hexagonal connectors that have a small jack in the middle.

Before revealing the steps to be made specifically, we wanted to clarify that this solution can not be used with the PS4 Slim as it does not have an optical input for the audio.

That said, let’s see the steps:

  • Connect one end of the audio cable to the optical port on the speakers or audio system with Dolby, which is usually on the back of the main speaker or amplifier. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at the user manual the product to quickly identify it.
  • In the next step, connect the other end of the optical cable to the port on the back of the PlayStation 4.
  • End the operation by simply accessing the console. After a few seconds you should hear the PS4 menu music played on the speakers.

How to connect Dolby to the PS4 via HDMI

It is one of the best performing solutions used to connect a Dolby system to the popular Sony console. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a second HDMI cable to connect the audio system to the television or to the projector as the first one must be used to connect the PlayStation 4 to the audio source.

Once the purchase is made, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • Take the HDMI cable supplied in the package with the console and connect one end to the HDMI Out port on the back of the PS4.
  • In the next step, identify the HDMI In port on the back of the audio system and insert the other end of the same cable.
  • At this point, identify the HDMI In port on the back of your TV and connect one end of the second HDMI cable.
  • Complete the procedure by connecting the other end of the second HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port located on the back of the Dolby audio system (usually located next to the HDMI In port previously used).
  • Once the various connections have been completed correctly, turn on the TV, surround system and the PlayStation 4 and check that everything is working properly.

How to connect Dolby to the PS4 via a controller

The Dualshock controller of the PS4 has a mini jack input (to say the 3.5 mm one) positioned between the two pairs of rear buttons. This can be used to connect an audio system or speakers using a simple 3.5 mm male-to-male audio cable.

After being in possession of this cable, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • Connect a male connector of the AUX cable to the Audio In port of the Dolby audio system or the speaker (usually located on the back).
  • After that, connect the other end of the cable to the controller via the AUX port between the 4 rear buttons.
  • Now, turn on the PlayStation 4 and connect the controller by pressing the PS button.
  • After choosing your personal PSN account, scroll up to access the menu bar and choose Settings.
  • At this point, scroll the page and select Devices first and then Audio devices.
  • Complete the operation by setting the Headphone output and All sound to make sounds from the PlayStation 4 play on the system outputs by pressing the PS button on the controller.

How to connect Dolby to the PS4 via audio extractor

The last solution we propose to connect a Dolby sound system to the PlayStation 4 is to use an audio extractor. It is a device equipped with two HDMI ports, an audio input for optical cables, a 3.5 mm stereo and an RCA. This product can also be purchased on Amazon. In addition, you need a second HDMI cable and an audio cable that can be optical, mini jack or RCA.

Let’s find out the steps to follow:

  • Connect the PlayStation 4 to the audio extractor using the first HDMI cable, making sure to connect the end to the Audio In port on the device.
  • In the next step, connect one end of the second HDMI cable to the Audio Extractor Out port while the other end to the HDMI In of the TV.
  • Now, you need to connect the audio extractor to the Dolby system or to the speakers using the audio cable. One end must be connected to the output of the extractor and the other end to the audio input of the system or speaker.
  • Once the PS4 is turned on, you should hear the sound effects of the console menu played on the speakers.


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