How to protect WhatsApp chats and lock them with a password

Do you want to put the password on WhatsApp to hide chats from prying eyes? Here are the methods available for us in WhatsApp.

If you’re afraid that someone can read your WhatsApp conversations in secret, you’re looking for a way to protect your chats with a password, so you can prevent anyone from spying on your account.

The first thing you need to know is that currently WhatsApp does not allow you to add a password, so there is no official function to lock the app or hide only certain conversations.

But there is good news. The company is testing an authentication system that will allow users to protect WhatsApp with a fingerprint or a face scanner. In case the app does not recognize the Touch ID, to unlock it will require the insertion of the passcode, exactly as the phone does. The function should be available first on Android to land later on iPhone.

Waiting for the update we see the methods available to put the password to WhatsApp and hide the chat from prying eyes.

Hide chats

If you do not want to lock WhatsApp but hide only the most delicate chats you can hide them. Keep in mind that these will not disappear completely, but only from the main screen. Even if the conversation exists, nobody will see it since it will be in the background. To do so, just shake your finger on the preview of the chat to the left and click on Archive. If you change your mind and want to restore it, go to Chat Archive and press Extract chat from the archive.

How to lock WhatsApp chat with password

To lock a specific chat or group with a password, a third-party app is required. Some useful applications are Locker for Whats Chat App, downloadable from Systweak, AppLock, AppLock – Fingerprint and Private Zone, available for Android and equipped with advanced features, including the ability to set dual passwords for the app and certain chats, and to know who tried to enter our account thanks to the selfie that is taken when the system does not recognize the identity of the user. Finally, Lock For Whats Messenger not only prevents unauthorized access to your social accounts, but also hides the icon of the app from the phone so that no one knows that it has been installed.

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