How to create a concept map online and using desktop applications

How to create a concept map: here are several solutions, both online and desktop, to prepare a perfect scheme in view of the exams.

The concept map, a scheme able to synthesize different contents and precious ally of the students: many of them have to create one in view of the graduation exams, but even the university students may need it to study and prepare projects. How to create an effective conceptual map?

First of all, we must have a clear outline, putting all the most important elements in black and white and drawing up the various contents and links: if this is done, a series of easy-to-use programs could be useful to create a clear and beautiful conceptual map to see.

Conceptual Map: MindMaple

If you are a beginner or have little time available MindMaple is an excellent program to create concept maps simple and intuitive. It is available both for Windows, with an interface very similar to that of the Office package, while for Mac it is available in app format. The program presents a free or paid version, with a consequent restriction regarding some tools of use.

Once downloaded, start the program and choose to create a new file with the wording at the top left of the drop-down menu. Here you will have several models to choose from, once selected modify it and add all the necessary elements through the right mouse button or your trackpad.

Conceptual map online: Canva

Canva is an excellent solution to create an online concept map, without needing to download and install files. The choice is excellent if you are looking for a fresh and youthful approach, colorful and easy to set up through the layouts already available, to be selected and then modified with your contents.

If on the one hand the eye is repaid, with a style that will surely be noticed, on the other the imposition of a scheme not chosen a priori could not completely marry with your initial needs. If you are thinking of structuring your conceptual map through a slide presentation, this is certainly a good alternative especially if you are trying to convey simple contents that keep the attention alive.

Conceptual Map: Coggle

Coogle is another great online tool, accessible through a Gmail profile and with a clear and exemplary initial tutorial. Within the online program there are several models, such as concept maps created, those shared by users.

If you love different and unusual diagrams, Coogle is definitely an excellent alternative: you can upload images and use the various icons. The use is extremely simple and you can create, in free mode, 3 personal and unlimited concept maps if shared, in order to guarantee a fresh and always fresh exchange of concept maps to inspire. Alternatively you can opt for a monthly payment of $5 or $8 a month depending on the needs and functions sought.


MindMeister is a free web application that offers the possibility to choose between only three conceptual map models. This app is extremely easy to use and can also be used on mobile devices. The program is excellent if you have little time to devote to the drafting of your map, with a wizard and an end look perhaps a little ‘too thin but definitely quick and intuitive.

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