Every computer supports limited format files to open by the system. If you wanted to open some file that your personal computer or laptop did not support, you have to change it to other formats to make it readable. You will find multiple of software out there but will be stuck in choosing the best between all of them. Are you in need of general file conversion? Do not worry onlineconvertfree.com brings a practical solution to your problem. It is the best free converter software that allows a user to convert files into many other formats.

What is good about using onlineconvertorfree.com for general file conversions?

Onlineconvertfree.com an online converter that allows your files to convert into other formats so it will be easy for you to read on your desktop or to send by email to someone. You will come across different software available on the internet to convert your file but not every software is reliable to use. Most of them send viruses and other harmful components into your computer, which disturb your computer system. However, onlineconvertfree.com is free from all viruses and scammers.

Easy to use:

Online converter is easy to use. You do not need any professional assistance in converting your files from this fantastic software. The software is specially designed so everyone can use in his or her daily routine.

User control:

It is user-friendly and allows user’s control in converting essential files. You can choose according to which format you required to change your file format. For example, you can convert to excel, jpeg, work, pdf, and many other formats.

Professional use:

If you are running some business or linked with some professional work, you can convert files with feasibility. So it is an effective tool to use it for your business as well.


Onlineconvertfree.com is a secure file conversation tool because it did not share your data with other people on the web. The converter is enough to secure that nobody can hack your important files.

How you can convert files by using Onlineconvertfree.com

The procedure of converting files is rapid and easy because it did not contain any complicated steps. Another good thing about this converting software is that you did not have to download it on your computer or laptop. Just go to the web and type Onlineconvertfree.com. When you open it, you will find a bar for pasting or dropping your desired file, which you want to convert. The further step is to select the file you wanted to change into some other format. After dropping or pasting your file, choose the format you want to convert the file. The software will give you a long list containing all the formats. After selecting, click on the convert button. You can convert the single file into different formats as well. Now it is time to download your new converted file. The files will automatically save to your downloads on a computer.

So if you are looking to convert your files into supported files, use onlineconvertfree.com.


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