When you lend a device to someone to make a call or send a message, there is always the fear that you can enter the saved passwords of apps without permission (such as those of social networks or banking). In this guide today, we will see how to delete the passwords stored on Android if you were in possession of a device with the Google mobile operating system.

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Remove the passwords stored in the applications

Several apps allow you to save access keys to log in faster. To find out how to delete the passwords stored on Android within the app, just follow a procedure that unfortunately is not the same for all software, so it would be very difficult to provide you with the exact steps.

Usually, however, just access the main menu or Settings by pressing the 3 dashes, the gear icon or the 3 dots (both vertical and horizontal) and locate the items Logout or Disconnect to log out.

In addition to this, after doing this, you should have the login screen in front of you. In case the access key had been saved in the appropriate input field, press on Forget me or Forget or remove the check mark next to Remember me.

On Facebook you can do this by opening the app first and then pressing on the 3 dashes at the top right. Once you have done so, choose Log Out to log out of the account you are logged in with. Since Facebook also allows you to store e-mail and password, you have to press the 3 dots in correspondence of your name and choose Remove the password or Remove the account from the device.

On Instagram you can log out of your personal profile by pressing the Profile icon on the bottom right and then on the 3 dashes on the top right. Now, choose Settings and press on Log Out at the bottom of the screen and once again on Log Out to log out. Also on Instagram you can completely delete the account you use to log in by simply clicking on Remove twice in a row.

On Outlook, tap on the 3 dashes on the top left and then on the gear icon on the bottom left. From the Account section, choose the account you want to log out of, click on it and select Delete account first from the new screen that appears and then click Delete to confirm.

On different models of Android smartphones and tablets you can enter the Google Account section where all the accounts stored on the terminal are present. This is usually accessible from the Settings. Once you have chosen the profile you want to delete, tap on its name and tap on Remove account.

Remove the passwords stored on Chrome

Another way to find out how to delete stored passwords on Android is to act in the browser Chrome by Google.

To carry out the procedure, simply follow the steps that we list below:

  • Grab your smartphone or Android tablet and open Chrome by pressing on its icon.
  • After that, plug the 3 dots on the top right and choose Settings.
  • From the screen that appears, click on Password that you find under the Basic Settings section and select the website whose password you want to delete.
  • From the Saved password screen, simply press the trash can icon at the top right. Do the same operation with other websites.

For added security, we advise you to deactivate the Save password option by pressing the switch next to it (which you can always find in the Password menu ) and remove the checkmark for Autofill. If you are from your computer, you can do the same operation by connecting to the Web page of Google Passwords where you can disable the options Offer to save passwords and on automatically by pressing on the switch or press the icon trash can next to each name of the app or site to remove the his access key.

Remove the passwords stored on Firefox

If you use the Mozilla browser on your Android device, then you can remove the passwords by tapping first on the 3 dots on the top right and then on Settings from the menu that appears. At this point, click on Privacy and choose Access Management that you find under the Access section.

To delete the login credentials of an account, you must first find it by scrolling through the list or by pressing on the magnifying glass at the top right and then choose Delete from the menu that appears after tapping on the link.

Also in Mozilla Firefox we suggest you uncheck the item Remember accesses that you always find in Privacy or delete all saved access by going to Delete personal data (present in the Settings ), select only saved accesses by checking a check and then on Delete data to complete the operation.


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