How to find all the photos saved by Google in the archive

The most nostalgic will certainly remember Picasa, the graphic software purchased by Google back in 2004. The Mountain View company has decided to stop the support in 2016 to concentrate all its resources in Google Photos. Google Album was also created with Google photos. In this guide we will explain how to find all the photos saved by Google using this last service.

How to find all the photos saved by Google

This service collects all the photos saved by Google in the various applications and various online services, such as photos uploaded to Google Drive. Thanks to this service, you can browse and cover all the photos that have been saved over the years. You can find without your knowledge old photos of years that the company has thought of saving in a single platform.

Those who usually make backups in Google Photos, can find all the photos stored in the Google archive, with the ability to browse by filtering the search depending on the date or place where they were taken.

The services supported by the Google archive are as follows:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • YouTube
  • Photos of Google+ posts
  • Google profile photo
  • Images published on Blogger
  • Images exchanged with Hangouts

Using the Big G service is really simple. First of all, you must connect to the main page of the dedicated site and log in with the desired account. On the main screen, you will be offered all the available albums. To consult the photos in a specific album, just click on the album in question and scroll through the various images.

Do you want to download an album so you can browse photos even when you’re offline? No problem! The Google service allows you to download the entire album or a single photo. Simply open the album or photo in question, click on the options icon at the top right and click on the item Download album or on the item Download photo.

In addition, you can also delete entire albums or individual photos that you consider unnecessary to keep. The contents that you delete from the Blogger album will also be deleted from the relative site in which they were published. However, it is not possible to delete all types of content. For Google Photos, you need to manage the operation using the Google Photos site.

The Google archive can therefore be considered as a large collection of all the photos used with the various services offered by the company. By taking advantage of this service you will always have the contents of a service no longer supported by Google or that is not installed on your mobile device at your fingertips.

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