What is difference between client and server?

Have you heard about clients and/or servers but do not know what the meaning of these terms is? Here we will explain what are the difference between client and server.



In computer science, the client (literally customer ) indicates a specific hardware or software component that accesses the resources or services provided by another component, called server. For example, a computer that, through a computer network, requires one or more services to a server through one or more network protocols, is a hardware client. An e-mail program, such as OutlookThunderbird, that queries an e-mail server through SMTP protocols and POP or SMTP and IMAP, is instead an example of client software (more precisely, it is an e-mail client ).
In short, a client can be considered either a hardware device, such as a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, or a classic software, such as a browser or an e-mail program. However, there are also special software, such as the Webnetwork printing or databases, which in turn are divided into a client part and a server part.: the client part is resident and running on a common PC while the server part is instead resident and running directly on the server. There are also cases in which both the client and the server are on the same device.


In computer science, the server (literally servant) indicates a hardware or software component that provides the data requested by one or more other components, called clients. In other words, a server is nothing more than a computer and/or a program able to respond to requests made by other computers and/or other programs. For example, an e-mail server could be seen as a sort of post office where the various users, ie the clients, go to perform their tasks.
Unlike a client, a server must however be able to manage all accesses, resources and data that are requested, so it must have both the power necessary to perform these tasks, and be always in operation, in such a way to be able to satisfy the various requests of the clients from time to time.

So at this point, you should finally have realized that there is a difference between client and server.

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