Are you tired of the default browser used on your iPhone because it is too slow and you want to look for something new, efficient and intuitive? Today we will talk about the browsers for iPhone and iPad that you can install on your devices!


From which browser to start if not from the famous Safari? Obviously, the use of Safari has the advantage of total synchronization with your iPad or Mac.
Personally, I use it as a main browser for a matter of convenience, as it allows me to view the page I’m looking for from iPhone directly on Mac and vice versa.

Google Chrome

Even Google Chrome does not need any introduction, it is statistically the most used browser in the world according to this ranking.
It presents the ability to synchronize with the Google account on your PC, so you have the same bookmarks, the same chronology, without having to go crazy a lot to track down what you had already saved!
Within the app you can download from the App Store you will have the opportunity to perform quick intuitive gestures, and use extensions that Safari would be reluctant to install.

Mozilla Firefox

Also downloadable directly from the App Store has more or less the same features of Chrome, it is just a little ‘less used for slowdowns that could be encountered periodically due to the overload of less stable servers than those on which Chrome is supported.


Browser famous until recently because the only one to allow viewing Flash content, but with the advent of iOS 10, Apple is increasingly open to viewing this type of content.
Today as I would say it is quite useless, but it can always be a valid alternative.
Puffin is available in two versions, one free and one paid ($4.99), both downloadable from the App Store.


Probably the most customizable browser of all those in this guide. In fact, with this browser it will be possible to insert very quick gestures, I’ll give you an example:

  • I want to visit Youtube but I have enough of it to insert the link.
  • I decide then to insert a graphic gesture with which, through the representation of a figure determined by me, I will be redirected to YouTube.

You can download Dolphin directly from the App Store.


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