What is the difference between modem and router? Many people think that these two names refer to the same device, even more today, where it is possible to find devices that accumulate both functions. The truth, however, is that the modem and the router have totally different characteristics.

What is the difference between modem and router?

What is the difference between modem and router?

The modem and router are similar devices, but they have very clear function differences. Let’s know what:

1. What is a modem?


The modem is the device that takes the internet to your home. This is where the physical network connection (ADSL, wire rope, optical fiber, etc.) is made, which comes from external wiring. It is also responsible for distributing the internet to an external device by default. Generally, the modem is provided by the internet operators, but it is also possible to buy it separately, provided the user knows the technology of the internet network of their home. So you need a compatible model.

2. What is a router?


The router is the device responsible for distributing the Internet to one or more devices, either via a network cable or through the Wi-Fi network. They also allow you to connect devices from one internal network to each other, allowing you to exchange data internally, even without a public internet connection. This is because the router assigns an IP address to each computer or cell phone connected to the network, and through them you can access other devices and exchange files with them.

3. What about the modem with a router?

For home users, the modem with a router, provided by some telephone and internet companies, is a device that gives and exceeds: it performs both the work of receiving the signal from the internet, and is responsible for managing all the devices connected to it, distributing -a for all, through Wi-Fi antennas.


TP-Link AC-1200: modem with router

If you own a large home or office, and use equipment that requires a fast internet, a “modem with router” might not be the best option. These devices are generally very basic and may have little range depending on where and how they are installed.

If that is your case, invest in a high-performance router, and configure the “modem with router” to function only as a modem. Now, if your home is smaller and you do not have as many Wi-Fi devices (or you use the wired connection), a “modem with router” is best suited for saving space and power.


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