How to download WhatsApp on iPad and Android Tablet

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How to download WhatsApp for tablets: all the tricks and methods useful for chatting on iOS and Android, waiting for the official version.
How to download WhatsApp on iPad and Android Tablet

Downloading WhatsApp for tablets is the desire of many users with iPad or another Android device. The latest news tells us that a version specially designed to take advantage of the most famous messaging app on tablet is also coming, but in the meantime there are several tricks that can run WhatsApp not only on the smartphone.

Using WhatsApp for tablets allows users to chat, record audio and send images and videos through a larger and more comfortable screen. Here are all the tricks and methods to download and download WhatsApp also on our tablets.

WhatsApp for tablets with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web, as we know, allows you to use the instant messaging app also on PC and Mac, through the special site that provides a mirror-image web version identical to the one on our smartphone, which must necessarily be connected and enabled to the network.

The first thought made by many is just to take advantage of WhatsApp Web on your tablet, just like its desktop version. WhatsApp Web was launched in 2015 and it is possible to use it also on tablet by connecting via browser. By touching the three dots at the top and clicking on Request desktop version it will be possible to display a QR code to frame with your smartphone (via WhatsApp) and wait for the synchronization between the two devices.

The main defect is related to the duration of the battery and the consumption of the phone’s internet connection (a defect that can be circumvented by connecting via Wi-Fi).

WhatsApp for tablets with APK

If you wish to download a real app to use WhatsApp on a tablet, you can rely on APK by choosing Android.

Android, you know, is more open to customization than iOS and this advantage is useful on several occasions as in the case of a WhatsApp version for tablets.

First of all it is necessary to download the APK through a secure source, such as the version developed by APKMirror (available at this link ). Before proceeding with the installation of the extension it is necessary to carefully check that the system architecture is supported and universal, otherwise it will be difficult to bring the installation to fruition.

Once downloaded the app via APKMirror you will no longer receive automatic updates directly from the PlayStore: this means that it will be up to the users to periodically check for updates to make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp.

After clicking on “Download APK”, it is necessary to make sure that the settings of your device allow the installation of systems from unknown sources, after having finished the download it is better to reactivate them to avoid being exposed to any type of vulnerability.

Once WhatsApp is installed on the tablet, we open the app and accept the terms and conditions imposed by the service: after an error message, indicating that the device cannot support on WhatsApp, we click on ok to continue with the next steps. After that it will be the turn of the telephone number: you can enter what you want as long as it is active and can receive any SMS or notification call for the activation of the service.

Once this is done, just like on a smartphone, WhatsApp will start to list the contacts present and associated with the number entered.

WhatsApp on iPad

And on the iPad? Waiting for the official debut it is possible to use WhatsApp on the famous Apple tablet only through the jailbreak, a risky operation that tampers with the iOS operating system opening it to the most disparate changes. This procedure automatically loses the warranty on the product: better think about it before taking such a risk.

Relying on the alternative Cydia store you can download WhatsPad and then proceed to install the application on the iPad. For the success of the trick it is important to have first downloaded the app on the iPhone and associate it with the same Apple ID as the iPad on which we want to install WhatsApp. Through iFunBox it will be possible to install the corresponding .ipa file to WhatsApp and use the chat without any problem.

Compared to Android the procedure is decidedly more complicated and risky, better to opt for a tablet of the green robot waiting for the special version.


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