Do you have an old tablet? I’ll explain how to recycle it

Give your old tablet a second chance with some imaginative trick …

The technological devices often have a rather short duration: with progress and better hardware, after a few years a tablet can be considered almost useless.

In spite of this, however, if you are the owner of an old tablet and you are going to throw it in the trash, you must know that there are several ways to be able to reuse it in a creative way.

Such a precious tool, even if old and worn, can always come in handy!

If the device in question (despite the limits of a dated hardware) is still working, you can find several rather curious uses.

Turn the tablet into a kind of remote control

Ok, it will not be as comfortable as a classic remote control … but it can always come in handy. With Unified Remote, it is therefore possible to use the device as a remote control to manage a computer at a distance. As already mentioned, the dimensions do not play in favor of this use … but the width of the screen allows a greater ease of use as regards the movement of the pointer.

The pace is short from an old tablet to a mini-TV

Using Kodi, you can turn a tablet (as long as the display is large enough) into a small portable TV. With a large MicroSD to load movie files directly or with a WiFi connection to watch live streaming, you’re done!

Security camera to keep an eye on the children

It does not have the form and practicality to be a video camera, but with the necessary software, your old tablet can still be useful to keep an eye on your child from a distance.

If you have a WiFi connection and position the device in the right way, this function can give it a second life.

An extra screen for your PC

With the free use of Spacedesk, available for both Android and iOS, you can turn a tablet into an extra screen for your home computer.

Of course, this use only makes sense if the device’s screen has a certain width: otherwise its usefulness would be almost null …

Tablet too old or battered? Make a digital frame

If you have a tablet that really no longer has “petrol” you can always choose to make a digital frame: with Dayframe, an app for Android, you can recycle in this way a device that otherwise would be very little useful.

An end perhaps a little ‘unworthy for such an object, but still better than the trash bin!

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