In today’s guide, we will see how to schedule a post on Instagram by following the easy and fast steps suitable for everyone.

For all those who today rely more often on Instagram using it in a professional manner and not just for leisure, it could be very useful to understand how to properly plan any post. Compared to Facebook, where this type of option is now available for many weeks, in the social photo is not so easy to publish each shot automatically.

This more than anything is due to the philosophy behind Instagram, which pushes much more on user interactions. One of the main objectives that the development team has established is in fact to keep human relationships as close as possible.

While on the one hand all this can be positive in terms of the quality of the user experience, at the same time it prevents the planning of posts on Instagram directly by relying on the official app. Fortunately, this does not mean that it is not possible to do so using the effective alternative methods that we will now see below.

How to program Instagram posts? Here is the procedure to follow

To program a post on Instagram we will use the appropriate, logically unofficial applications. Their advantage is to be easily used by anyone and, in some cases, to be free. That said, let’s see the best applications to plan your posts.


Crowdfire is definitely one of the best applications to correctly program an Instagram post. The operation is very simple and the application is available for WebAndroid or iOS. We are facing an entirely free program that you can use to easily manage Facebook and Twitter. Just log in by entering your credentials and you will be immediately introduced to a wizard that will explain step by step what you need to do. Truly a valid application to plan posts on Instagram. Recommended.


Hootsuite is another great platform to easily plan the most used Instagram posts around the world. Not only that, it will also give you the great opportunity to manage other social profiles like Twitter and Facebook. One of the defects found with this application that we are proposing is certainly in the graphical interface not really curated compared to the competition. For the rest, the functions are at the top!


We end with this other valuable tool that has been a great success to date. If for a long time you are looking for a tool that does just one thing, but does it perfectly, Hopper is undoubtedly one of the best applications to automatically program any type of post on Instagram. All you have to do is choose the image that you are going to publish, set the time you want and the rest to think about the application. However, this is a paid program whose costs start at $19 a month.

Although in theory how well you know Instagram does not allow the scheduling of posts, with the appropriate applications everything is possible. Keep in mind that even if it is rare to happen, there is a possibility of being banned for this our advice is to be very careful.

The guide ended. For any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to write us below where there is a special box dedicated to comments.


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