Using laptop too much can ruin your posture: here’s how to avoid it

Being too long in front of the laptop can hurt your back

If you work or use your computer frequently, you should be very careful about how you sit in front of the monitor. Using the laptop too much can be devastating with regards to posture. It is very enjoyable to work on the best PC for listening to music while working.

According to the common opinion among all scholars, the computer monitor (be it desktop or laptop) should be at eye level or slightly below: using a laptop, often this does not happen and, in the long term, the consequences for the our back could be devastating.

Man working on laptop

How to avoid ruining your posture?

Is there a way to reconcile the need for intensive use of a laptop with the health of our back?

Beyond finding the right compromise of height in order to have the monitor at face level (or just below) there are some rather interesting tools in this regard. There are in fact a series of supports, more or less complex and of different types, which help to maintain a correct posture.

The more complex models also adapt not only to the desk but also to those who want to work in bed, on the table or in any situation imaginable. If you then consider the prices definitely affordable for everyone, this kind of gadget should be a priority for anyone who owns a laptop.

Not just monitors: even the keyboard can cause problems

First of all it must be kept in mind that even the ergonomics of the keyboard have a certain weight. While for desktop computers just rely on one of the many ergonomic keyboards, when it comes to laptops there is little choice: the default keyboard is that and you have to settle.

In this case, the solution can be to buy a Bluetooth keyboard: this solution allows you to position the keyboard in a much more appropriate manner and therefore not fatigue your wrists even after a long day of work.

Common sense above all

Of course there are some rules that should be followed to avoid damaging our body by putting it under stress for many hours a day. The first good habit is to exercise and this directive is not only useful for those who use computers.

In the second phase, it is important to take small but frequent breaks: every three quarters of an hour, for example, it is good practice to get up and take a few steps. This helps the eyes not to strain, but also positively affects the bone and muscle structure of your body.

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