We have selected some WhatsApp hacks that although they are widespread, not everyone knows.

Do you know these WhatsApp features?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, it flies to the two billion active users who use it in all its functions but probably many of you use only the basic functions of WhatsApp but you must know that there are several very useful functions that they can increase security and the ability to communicate.

We have tried to select some of the most useful features that you probably ignore or know that you areyou do not know how to activate them and what they are for.

  • CHECK IN TWO STEPS – It’s more security for those who want to protect their account. If you activate it, you will need to enter a password every time you configure WhatsApp on a new device.
    To activate it go to Settings -> Account -> two steps verification. Then enter the 6-digit PIN and enter our email to retrieve the code if we do not remember it.
  • EXPORT INFORMATION OF THE ACCOUNT – We can export the information of our account, group names, profile pictures and name, and we can download it after 3 days from the request.
    To request it go to Settings -> Account -> Settings -> Request account information and click on Request report. On the delivery date we can download the file.
  • CHANGE PHONE NUMBER – We can also change the number of WhatsApp account still remain same account information, settings and groups of course by deleting the old number.
    To migrate a WhatsApp account you need to go to Settings -> Account -> Change number -> Next and enter the old number and the new one on the last page.
  • MENTION A USER IN A GROUP CHAT – You can mention a user in a group by placing the @ character before the user’s name and then selecting it. So you can tell him what you owe in a group.
  • RESPONDING TO A MESSAGE – You can reply directly to a given message simply by clicking on it and select the answer item, the arrow to the left, and then click and write the answer.
  • FORMATTING THE TEXT – We can format the text in italic, bold or strikethrough by inserting before and after the text the signs _, * or ~:
    * bold *
    ~ crossed out ~
  • MODIFYING THE SIZE OF CHARACTER – We can increase or decrease the font size by going to Settings -> Chat -> Chat Settings and then we find the item Font size setting to Small, Medium or Large according to our tastes and our sight.
  • END-TO-END CRYPTOGRAPHY – Finally, to increase security, enable end-to-end encryption, in order to send encrypted chat between our users. To verify that the chat is encrypted, go to the contact list and select the Encryption item, displaying a QR code and a 60-digit number, if everything is ok.

And did you know these functions? If you know other municipalities but know that your friends do not use, write us in the comments.


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