Does Call of Duty Mobile accept hack? See Tencent and Activision rules

Call of Duty Mobile (Cod) is a game available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS). The Tencent and Activision game is an absolute hit and hit 100 million downloads in its launch week. Many players look for hacks to gain advantages in the game. But cheats like Aimbot, Wallhacks, and Radar are banned in the game and can lead to cheats being banned. Here’s how the game deals with these cheats and what to do when faced with any cheats.

Does Call of Duty Mobile accept hack? See Tencent and Activision rules

Hacks and cheats on CoD Mobile are not accepted by developers – Photo: Playback/Activision

Rules and Punishments

Activision does not accept hackers in its games. The point is that in addition to bringing undue advantages that do not go against the experience expected for players, the use of these cheats also hinders the fun and competitiveness of the game.

The Call of Duty franchise has long been a target of hackers, so Activision and Tencent have a zero tolerance philosophy for these cheaters at CoD Mobile. Players caught using hacks will be permanently banned for the first offense detected. However, an investigation is made to ensure that the player being charged really deserves to be punished if he actually used ancillary programs.

How to report hacking

The only way to report a player is at the end of a match. In the interface that shows the match results, click the exclamation mark icon in the top corner of the screen. A window will appear with the names of the players and will give you the option to report them for various reasons, including cheating.
Activision has already stated that it is working hard to contain cheating players and has asked the community for help in reporting them. The company also encourages players to contact them via social networks to alert them with as much information as possible. The hacker’s name, videos, screenshots, date and time the match took place. The user asking the question will not be notified if the player has been banned, but an investigation will take place from the data entered.

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