Pokémon GO: Hidden Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Pokémon GO is a free augmented reality game for Android and iPhone (iOS) that allows the player to live a real adventure using the world map where we live to hunt and capture Pokémon along the way. The title has been a success for many years and has a huge number of users – but there is still room for secrets and tricks that few know that can make life easier in the game and help them progress faster and easier with their Pokemon Go accounts. Let’s see some of them and try to be the Pokémon master of your region.

Pokémon GO: Hidden Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

1. Anaba Fruit against Shadow Pokémon

When you’re going to capture Shadow Pokémon, the result of a battle against Team Rocket members, use the Anaba Fruit, which soothes them. This is because Shadow Pokémon are more agitated and jump more often, which makes their capture very difficult. Anaba ends this problem.

2. Throw curved balls

It’s a tip that may yield a little more experience, but it’s worth it. When catching a Pokémon, always throw curved balls. To do this, rotate the Poké Ball before launching, so it will be launched with curved effect. Whenever the ball hits the Pokémon in this way, the player will gain a little more capture experience – which will make all the difference in leveling up his account.

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‘Secret’ Pokémon GO tips and tricks you need to know – Photo: Playback

3. Don’t spend Rare Sweets

Rare candies work peculiarly in Pokémon GO: they become ordinary candies, which in turn serve to evolve your Pokémon. However, it is best to keep Rare Sweets to evolve only Pokémon that you will use in the competitive modes of the game, such as legendary, rare creatures or their strongest. Otherwise, do not spend these items.

4. Throw away without penalty

Pokémon GO is a game that gives you limited space to store your Pokémon. You have the option to “throw away” those you no longer want – which, in fact, is the option to transfer to the teacher, to earn candy in return. Do not pity when dismissing a creature that may have been difficult to catch. Since the game allows battles, if it is weak, it will not always be a good option for you to keep safe. Prefer to leave room to store very rare Pokémon, such as Event or Brilliant.

5. Don’t Miss Community Days

Community Days are monthly events promoted by Niantic, the game’s producer. They allow a particular Pokémon, chosen by the studio, to appear more often on the map. These days, the chance of getting a brilliant Pokémon with different color also increases considerably. Remembering that bright Pokémon are very rare, perhaps the rarest in the game.

6. How to Evolve Your Eevee

Eevee is a Pokémon that evolves into different shapes in Pokémon GO. Evolution is often random, but you can choose when it first occurs by simply renaming your Eeeve. For Vaporeon, the Eeevee must be named Rainer; for Flareon, Pyro; for Umbreon, Tamao; for Jolteon, Sparky; and to Espeon, Sakura.

7. Skip capture animation

When the user tries to capture a Pokémon, sometimes the game loses a lot of time by showing the capture animation. You can skip and speed up the process: just touch the screen while capturing. If the Pokémon escapes or does not enter the Poké Ball, it will be shown quickly. If it is captured, you will soon be taken to the capture screen.

8. More exchanges per day

Pokémon GO only allows you to make one special exchange per day. Special exchanges involve Pokémon that the other user does not own, or legendary and brilliant Pokémon. However, to change more than once, just go to your phone settings, change the date to the next day and return to Pokémon GO. Do not forget to normalize the settings below.

9. Play with the air off

The Augmenting Reality feature of Pokémon GO is very interesting. The feature allows you to capture Pokémon with the camera on, pretending they are in their real environment. However, besides consuming a lot of battery, the function makes the capture more difficult, as Pokémon move more. Always play with AR Mode off.

10. Don’t play still

Pokémon GO is a game that truly rewards walking players. It’s no use moving the app while it’s stopped – otherwise the Pokémon will stop appearing. Creatures only appear more often on the map if you move around a little, even indoors. Therefore, never use incense, which makes more Pokémon appear if you are standing in one place.

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