How to Find Every Llamas in Fortnite [Supplies]

You can find Fortnite llamas, the rare supply boxes of Battle Royale mode, if you follow some basic tips. Items usually appear randomly at predetermined locations on the map that, with a bit of luck, you may encounter during a match.

How to Find Llamas in Fortnite [Supplies]

How to Find Llamas in Fortnite

Llama-shaped pinewoods are Fortnite’s Save the World mode paid supply boxes implemented in Battle Royale mode as a very rare item. By breaking one of them, you may receive some of the most powerful items and weapons in the game, but finding them on the map is not simple.

This is because, because llamas are so valuable, they are quite scarce and can appear randomly, having no fixed location to find. However, there are some regions where they appear most often.

See map below:

llamas in fortnite map

Points marked with “+” are the regions where llamas may or may not appear in a match, but are the most common points to find them. Check out the details with each coordinate:

  1. C4: Southwest of Pleasant Park;
  2. C7: South of the Polar Peak;
  3. D6: Southwest of Crooked City;
  4. E4: Northwest of Sake Lake;
  5. F7: Southeast and/or southwest of Salgadas Springs (2 locations);
  6. F8: West of the Fatal Fields;
  7. G3: Northwest of the Urban Plant;
  8. G7: Far east of Salted Springs;
  9. H5: North of the Retail Road;
  10. I6: East of Retail Road;
  11. I8: Near Palm Paradise;
  12. I9: Southeast of Palm Paradise.

Regardless of the Fortnite map’s format or environment changes each season, the possible positions where a llama can emerge are always the same. So the best thing to do is to follow the map coordinates to make sure you’re in the right place.

As already said, llamas can appear in these places in a match, so you are not guaranteed to go to one of the points on the map and find one giving soup. It is often best to visit these coordinates when you have a chance.

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