How to find out who is not following you anymore on Instagram

Discover who does not follow you on Instagram anymore: here are the useful apps and tricks to monitor your profile and see the unfollow on iOS and Android

Instagram is one of the most used social networks: having many followers can even become a profession. The unfollow, or the loss of followers, can be really annoying: through some tricks and apps available for iOS and Android, it is possible to find out who is not following us anymore.

Who does not own thousands of followers can easily notice: just take a look at the number of followers at the top of our profile to realize, after a few days, who has stopped following us: if we notice 4 or 5 followers in less, something is wrong.

But how do we know who stopped following us? In fact, we often continue to follow users who have defaced (or unfollowed, this is the term used in social) without our knowledge. The practice of follow4follow can be a useful system to quickly increase the number of their followers, an unwritten rule of good neighborliness that is often not reciprocated, but even betrayed. Who does it, the aspects: here’s how to find out who no longer follows us on Instagram (and return the favor).

Instagram unfollow: useful tricks

The first method is very simple, and does not require the use of external apps or various tools. To find out immediately if a contact follows us on Instagram or not, let’s go to his profile: at the top right we will find the item “followed”, with the corresponding number indicating all the profiles followed by the user of our interest.

Clicking on “followed” will open a window containing three options, the followers in common, the number of those owned by the user and those followed by him (we are interested in this last option).

Through the appropriate search bar, we enter the nickname related to our account, what you need to tag in posts and that is at the top of our profile: if we do not appear in the search results, bad news, that person has taken away the follow.

Instagram unfollow, useful apps: FollowMeter

The previous method is more cumbersome and certainly less immediate than some useful and easy-to-use apps, which inform us in real time about all Instagram unfollows. Often some features are paid, or require to endure some intrusive advertising.

One of the best apps to do this is FollowMeter, which is available for both iOS and Android, and enjoys great reviews. The application offers information on your popularity on Instagram, on those who follow us secretly and view our profile, followers and unfollows.

Once downloaded, simply log in with the credentials of our Instagram account, to which the app will be associated: the homepage will show a chart with the new followers obtained, along with the number of followers who have abandoned our profile. For other functions, in-app purchases are required, but FollowMeter is one of the safest solutions, and in line with the privacy standards dictated by Instagram, to monitor the progress of our profile.

Some illustrative screens of FollowMeter

Instagram unfollow: Reports +

Reports + is another great app downloadable for both iOS and Android useful to monitor the behavior of our followers and our posts, as well as allowing you to easily identify who has stopped following us.

The application, with more detailed paid functions, is very popular among users both for the simplicity of its interface and for its security. The app will allow you to check not only the performance of your posts, but through the section dedicated to our followers allows us to immediately identify those who do not follow us, with the words “do not follow” to indicate the absence of followback by of a profile.

Also present, among the paid features, a window indicating who follows and controls our profile, obscured in the free version (but corresponding to reality, for those who are good at recognizing the image of the blurred profile).

Some screens related to Reports +

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