iPhone trick to spy on conversations with AirPods

How to spy on the voice conversations with hearing, the trick that turns the iPhone into a spy microphone. Here’s how it works and how to defend yourself.

Spying on other people’s conversations with iPhone is possible, thanks to Hearing: a function of iOS 12 that transforms Apple devices into a spy phone, thanks to the use of Bluetooh headphones like AirPods.

No external tools or apps are risky for our security: the new method to spy on who we want with iPhone comes directly from the operating system, with a special setting designed initially for users with hearing problems.

The trick is simple and allows you to listen to other people’s voice conversations simply by leaving an iPhone close to the person in question or in a room, perhaps hidden, without the need to be physically present thanks to wireless headphones technology. Here’s how it works.

iPhone spy: how to activate the Hearing function

Some little preliminary notion: the Hearing function is born to help people with problems related to the auricle, activating it you can point the microphone of the iPhone (present at the bottom of the smartphone) in a certain direction and, with headphones, listen to the amplified sound.

An instrument born with healthcare intentions can turn the iPhone into a real spy bug, placing it in strategic positions, without the knowledge of those around it (boyfriends and girlfriend, friends, relatives and work colleagues), it is possible to exploit the function to spy on who you want.

Thanks to AirPods, or any other wireless headset, you can activate Hearing and spying on conversations without being physically present in a room: Bluetooth technology, applied to iPhone, allows you to take advantage of wireless connectivity up to 20 meters away. To activate the Hearing feature on iPhone:

  • open the settings;
  • select “Control Center”;
  • tap on “Customize Controls”;
  • here we will have a series of commands and options, under “Further checks” click on “+” to the “Hearing” icon;
  • After this, the Hearing function will be present in the control tab: scrolling from bottom to top, next to the settings for torch, alarm and brightness will appear an ear-shaped symbol;
  • press the icon to activate Hearing, once the wireless headphones are connected.

Hearing: how to find out if iPhone spies on you

If the iPhone left on the table by a friend or colleague makes you suspicious, do not panic: to understand if the hearing is active on the iPhone, all you have to do is press a button and display the iPhone’s lock screen. If hearing has been activated the symbol of a microphone in red will appear on the top left: the icon is visible when the phone is in standby mode and do not need to force the release of the device to see if the function is active or not.

No official comments have yet arrived from Apple about the discovery of the new trick, but many are already experimenting with the new feature (and looking badly at the iPhone on the table in an apparently random way).

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