If you need a new logo for your website or you want to round off your salary by doing some extra work, then you will definitely be interested in our new guide today in which we explain specifically how Fiverr works.

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Fiverr: what is it?

For those who do not know, Fiverr is an online platform that allows people to both offer and buy digital services of all kinds at a starting price of only $ 5. It is basically a very large and very famous marketplace all over the world.

Within this website you can buy and/or sell services, products and many other things. Fiverr offers work to translators, programmers, Web writers, designers and any other professional who uses the Internet to work.

How to register on Fiverr

Before finding out how Fiverr works, you need to create an account in order to start using the online service. The creation process can take place either from your computer using the official Web site of smartphone/tablet Android and iOS by downloading the official application.

From the Web

If you have a PC in front of you, then you can create a Fiverr account in a few simple steps.

We offer them below:

  • Open the default browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge) and connect to the official web portal of the platform.
  • After completing this step, click on Join at the top right and choose whether to register using the e-mail address or the Facebook or Google account.
  • Once all fields have been filled in correctly (by entering your username, password and so on), click on the Join button.
  • Complete the creation of the new profile by clicking on the button Active your account in the message received at the e-mail address used during registration.

From app

If you have chosen to use the application on your smartphone or tablet, then consider the following steps:

  • Start the Fiverr software and press first on Next and then Join.
  • In the screen that appears, press the Connect with FacebookConnect with Google or Sign up with email button if you want to use Facebook or Google accounts or the email address.
  • After completing the steps by entering your username and password, press the Sign up button and confirm the activation of the account by e-mail received at the e-mail address.

How to hire someone on Fiverr

If your goal is to buy a Gig (service) on Fiverr, then simply locate it on the platform and complete the purchase after logging in with the account created previously.

Let’s see all the steps to be done:

  • Connect to the Fiverr website and log in to the account by clicking on the Sign button located at the top right.
  • In the new page that appears, choose the category of service you want to buy from those available (eg Video & AnimationMusic & Audio or Fun & Lifestyle ) and select a sub-category from those proposed.
  • Once you have done this, find the Gig you wish to purchase or use the Find service field at the top right to search by typing the preferred Gig keyword.
  • After identifying the preferred service, click on its name to access the description, the reviews of other users, the available purchase packages and related Gig. By taking advantage of the reviews, you can ask the seller to apply changes according to your needs in case the service does not satisfy you completely. To do this, simply click on the Contact me button and type the request in the appropriate field.
  • Once you have also selected the purchase package of your interest, click Continue and Order now and choose the payment method among those available (credit card MasterCard/Visa/Discover or PayPal).
  • Complete the purchase by simply pressing the green Confirm and Pay button.

We wanted to clarify that Fiverr does not immediately credit the amount requested to the seller’s account but only if the latter accepts the work and completes it in the time established during the transaction. At the end, the seller will send a message that can be viewed within Messages.

As mentioned earlier, you can ask the seller to make changes to the work to adapt it to your needs. Simply press the Request a revision button and suggest the changes to be made.

If you have not found any Gig suitable for you, you can publish a request in a very simple way.

Take the steps listed below as a reference:

  • Connect to the main Fiverr page using a simple browser, log in to your account and press the Post a request button.
  • Now, enter your request in Looking for and specify the category through the Choose a category drop down menu and the time you are willing to wait by selecting one of the available options.
  • If you want, you can also specify the maximum amount you want to spend within the What is your budget for this service?.
  • To proceed with the publication of the request, simply press the Post button. As soon as a seller is interested in the requested work, you will receive a notification.

If you want to buy a Gig from smartphones and tablets using the official Fiverr app, you need to consider the steps seen for the Web version that are very similar. All you need to do is log in to your personal account by tapping the Sign In in More entry, enter the required data and press Continue.

After pressing on Home, type the service you are looking for in the field What are you looking for? or alternatively select one of the categories available in the menu that appears after pressing on the 4 squares at the top right.

Once you have chosen the preferred Gig, press the Order button twice in a row and then on Pay now. After choosing the payment method among those available, tap on Continue to complete the operation.

In case of problems, you can open a dispute on Fiverr in a very simple way to try to solve the problem.

How to become a seller on Fiverr

At the beginning of the guide we told you that Fiverr can also be used to earn a little something doing some jobs as a translator, graphic designer or programmer. To become a seller on the platform, you need to take action from the main Internet site because a dedicated function is not available.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • Connect to the service web portal, click on Sign in the top right and access your personal account by entering the required credentials.
  • In the next step, click on Become a seller for two consecutive times and fill in the fields by entering the first and last name.
  • After that, click on the camera icon to upload a photo to be set as a profile and to continue with the registration as a seller.
  • Now, enter a description of at least 150 characters in the appropriate field and specify the various required information ( hobbiesskills and languages spoken ).
  • Within the Professional info screen, specify your skills through the drop-down menu next to Your Occupation and choose one of the available options (eg Graphic & Design ).
  • In the Skills section, however, you can specify your skills in the Add Skill field and the level via the experience level drop-down menu.
  • If you want, you can add more information about the skills in the fields offered.
  • In conclusion, connect your LinkedIn account, Google and Facebook if you wish and press the Continue and Continue & Create Your First Gig buttons to finalize the registration as a seller.

How to create a Gig on Fiverr

In this chapter we will list the steps to be taken to create a digital service to be put on sale on the online platform.

Let’s see what they are:

  • From the Fiverr home page, click on the thumbnail at the top right and first select My profile from the menu that appears and then the Create a new Gig option.
  • After that, assign a title to the ad (maximum 80 characters), select the category from the appropriate drop-down menu, choose a sub-category and specify the service offered.
  • Within the search tags field, enter up to 5 keywords and press the Save & Continue button.
  • On the Scope & Pricing screen, you can create up to 3 purchase packages for your Gig in which you specify delivery times, price, questions and other services offered.
  • In the Description section, describe your digital service using the 120 characters available while in that Frequently Asked Questions you can add frequently asked questions that can help the buyer in case of doubts.
  • In the Requirements screen, enter the information you need to complete the job and click on Save & Continue.
  • Now, upload at least one image, video or PDF file of previous work done as a testimony.
  • To proceed with the publication of the Gig, it is necessary to verify the telephone number. To do this, simply click on the Verify now button, enter the phone number in the appropriate field and press Verify SMS or Verify by call based on whether you want to check by SMS or receive a phone call.
  • After entering the verification code and clicking on the Submit code button, click on Publish Gig to publish the service.

The services published on Fiverr can be managed at any time through the Gig option found in My profile. In particular, you can make changes ( Edit ), share the digital service ( Share ), delete the Gig ( Delete ) or temporarily hide the offer ( Pause ). These options can be accessed by clicking on the downward pointing arrow at each Gig.

To see the orders received and to accept them, click on Order and select the job you want to do. After you have given the ok, you will visualize a countdown according to the time indicated during the creation of the service.

Once the job is completed correctly, access the Order section, select the completed Gig and press the Deliver your orderUpload Work and Deliver work buttons. For each project sold, Fiverr retains a 20% commission and moreover the payment takes place after 14 days from the end of the delivery. You can monitor your earnings at any time via the Earnings option of My profile.


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